3.33 Electronic City Express Timings

TNSTC salem added two 3.33 E.City Express at the begining of this year in FEB 2014. from Salem the bus will reach Electronic City in 3hrs 33 minutes so they tagged it as 3.33. with starting of two service it gained popularity among public and the bus reached its destination in mentioned 3:33 hrs, now on demand the services had increased from 4 to 12 in both sides. updated timings of 3:33 E.City Express.

Timings by Madhan.M SSC.
Pic by Ramachandran Palaniramu

3.33 E.City Timings

3.33 E.city New Timings Thanks to Madhan.M SSC

3.33 Electronic City Salem Bengaluru Timings


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85 thoughts on “3.33 Electronic City Express Timings

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  2. I took this bus thinking it will stop in some town and waste time, but it did not. On the highway, this just keeps on rolling and does indeed reach Electronic City in 3 and a half hours! What a delight!

    On the way too, it stops at a very decent “Saravana Bhavan”, with good toilet and refreshment facilities, other than a decent restaurant, unlike the other buses that stop in dirty places.


    • on the way to salem it wont come to electronic city bus stop at all..today i have travelled in 10.00 a.m service from blr to salem…better try to board before elevated toll road begins or else at elevated toll road toll plaza at ending of the BETL…from satellite bus stand to BETL toll plaza it may takes 45 mins to 1 hour tat depends upon traffic….


  3. Its good and very punctual in time.

    Please introduce more buses like this in Night and day time.

    So pleople who ever is travelling from Bangalore to salem they no need to go for all the stops like Krishnagiri,Hosur,dharamapuri etc.


  4. last week i travelled in this bus i catched 12 o clock at madiwala police station and reached salem at 3..30 pm..very nice bus …bus fare 180rs… no hosur,krishnagiri,dharmapuri….. only 10mts lunch brake… and also very goog ilayaraja songs….. keep it up tnstc…


  5. Yesterday I travelled this bus from Bangalore to salem bus night 8.35 started @ Satellite bus stand & reached Salem @ 12.45, Good service, thanks to TNSTC.


  6. i want to reach salem by morning 11.00 am on 28th april. Please advice the departure time from bangalore electronic city.


  7. Thanks to TNSTC for introducing 3.33 Electronic City Express. It is such a VERY GOOD SERVICE for the people who need to save their timing and stress while travelling. I think they have increased the service to 38 TRIP’s per each side BLR-SLM-BLR. But the exact timing is not yet published, it almost bus is available per every half-an hour.


  8. which is the bus stand i can catch non stop buses from Bangalore to Salem.
    Pls. also provide latest bus timing schedule if any.
    K. P. Rane


  9. Hi i want to take bus at morning 2 to 3’o clock in salem bus stand. if the 3.33 bus is available in that time please reply me


  10. Hosur is also well developed so this bus can make Salem- Hosur- Electronic City – Bangolure .Pls consider the request it will be helpfull for Hosur people too to reach Salem or Bangolure


  11. very very good service by tnstc . they can try 2X2 buses like this for even special cost. running time is sharp and good. keep the music system also will be good


  12. 3.33 I travelled many times, especially morning 6:30 bus. Excellent service and on time. For whoever going office around 11:00 like me that bus very useful. Please arrange bus every half an hour in the morning time.
    Excellent Excellent Excellent……3.33


  13. i travelled from salem to blr on 25th oct 2015 sunday i got the bus at 6.15
    already it was too rush i got last step and i was happy that i got bus that day it was too traffic but the driver and conductor was too cool took us in a different way it was fun travelling from salem to blr that day in all the toll gates the traffic was hectic we should wait atleast 1 hr to pass the toll gate but the driver and conductor was too clever they drove the bus in opposite lan and we crossed the toll gate in jus 5-10 mins we reached silk board by 10.30
    if i have boarded some other bus i would have reached blore by 12 or 1 i was too happy went to room slept well and went to office the next day very fresh
    thanks for the driver and the conductor for bringing us on time and safe


  14. Read the comments over here,All the comments were very useful. I’m going to travel by this bus for the first time. If the bus timing from Bangalore is at 3p.m. then what time approximately it reaches st.johns bus stop?


    • Hi Prasanna,

      Thanks for your feedback.

      The bus arrival to St. Johns hospital is based purely on traffic. Please be on time. The bus will come at anytime from 3.15 to 3.45. If the bus is not loaded, then they will delay and come as there is no bus for the next one hour.

      Please note that the bus will not stop for any Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner. Earlier the bus used to stop but from last month they stopped it. The bus will have a tea break for 10 minutes near Dharmapuri.

      Team TNSTC blog wishing you a safe & pleasant journey.

      Please let us know if you need more information.


  15. Hi Friends,
    I had a harrowing experience yesterday while coming from salem to Bangalore yesterday. I boarded the 3.33 bus starting at 6.00 PM yesterday and the trouble started before the bus got started because of the conductor named Palanisamy. Since there were no takers for Bangalore, this guy started asking the passengers destined to go Hosur to board the bus. However he started harassing the same people the moment there were Bangalore bound passengers getting into the bus. This conductor started sleeping once the bus started and never got up until the bus reached Hosur and started scolding the passengers for not getting down the bus without their fault. Lot of abuses when somebody wanted to check with for the places that they wanted to get down. I was the regular user of the 3.33 services and I decided yesterday that I will never board this bus. Despite the good efforts by TNSTC to initiate the services like this, because of the persons like this conductor. I am not sure whether TNSTC management has the opportunity to read this blog, but please be aware about this.


  16. pls consider Hosur also like stop better not getting inside the bus stand just come down cross hosur b.coz it will take just 5 to 10 min to cross hosur but k.girl darmapuri is for long from bye pass when compared to Hosur so it can be operated to Hosur like Bangalore-Hosur-Salem



  17. I am gng to take this bus from salem, i need to go to kempagauda airport, where i need to get down.And which is the destination point of this bus in bnglru


  18. Yesterday 9th May eve. 6 pm 3.33 bus from Salem reached on time 9.38 pm, inspite of good rain at Salem
    bus stand around 6 pm. with a delay of 18 mts also, The Driver managed very well and Good Driving at a
    Steady speed with a 5mts. halt at Tool plaza to answer Natures call.

    I am really happy for the charge we pay to come on time. Today i told many of my friends.

    Pl. mention the route and Stops name to Board at Bangalore is the request.

    G Sarabagopalan, Bangalore 09-05-2016.


  19. i am in whitefield. where should i get the 3.33 buses to my nearest distance?. please provide the route map and stops of 3.33 bus. its a good service and everyone welcomes it.


  20. Even though it is a non stop service it does not keep its timing as inspite of beautiful roads it runs so slow that instead of 3.33 hours, it takes 4.33 hours from Bangalore to Salem


  21. After Hosur Bus stand, the stopping are as follows.

    1. Attilbelle Toll Gate (After Toll)
    2. Chandapura (After bridge)
    3. Narayana Hrudayalaya
    4. Bommasandra (Before bridge)
    5. Hebbagodi
    6. Huskur Gate
    7. Electronic City (After Toll)
    8. Roopena Agrahara (In between Silk Board and Bommanahalli)
    9. Silk board (Before bridge)
    10. Madiwala Police Station or Madiwala Market (Both mention a same place)
    11. Madiwala St John’s Hospital or Madiwala Maruthi Nagar
    12. Madiwala Checkpost (Near Forum Mall)
    13. Christ College
    14. Dairy Circle
    15. NIMHANS Hospital
    16. Lalbagh 1st and 2nd Gate
    17. JC Road (Jaya Chamraja Wodayar Road)
    18. SP Road (Sardar Patrappa Road) / Corporation Circle / Town Hall
    19. Before City Market bridge (K R Market / Kalasipalayam / City Market)
    20. MCTC bus stand or Satellite Bus Stand

    On Return.

    1. MCTC bus stand or Satellite Bus Stand
    2. SP Road
    3. Corporation Circle after Signal
    4. Lalbagh main gate opposite
    5. NIMHANS
    6. Christ College
    7. Madiwala check post bus stop
    8. St. John’s hospital
    9. Koramangala water tank signal
    10. Madiwala Market (In front of total mall / Next to Madiwala police Station)
    11. Silk Board after bridge
    12. Roopena Agrahara
    13. Electronic city bridge starting
    14. Electronic city toll
    15. If passenger occupancy is less it will stop Huskur gate and Hebbagodi bus stop.


    1. Get down at Silk board or Madiwala Police Station to go Banashankari, BTM, Jayadeva Hospital, JP Nagar, Jaya Nagar, Marathahalli, K R Puram, Bellandur, Whitefield, Ramamurthy Nagar, Hebbal, Banasawadi.
    2. To go to Dommlur, HAL you should get down at Madiwala Market / Madiwala Police station stopping
    3. To go to Majestic / Railway station you should get down at SP Road (Sardar Patrappa Road) / Corporation Circle / Town Hall
    4. To Bellandur, Marathahalli BMTC buses are 500 A, 500 D, 500 CA
    5. To K R Puram, tin factory, Banasawadi, Hebbal the BMTC bus numbers are 500 A and 500 D
    6. To Whitefield and Sathya Sai Hospital, ITPL the BMTC bus number is 500 CA
    7. To Banashankari, Jayadeva Hospital, BTM, J P Nagar, Jaya Nagar the bus numbers are 500 A, 500 CA, 201.


  22. Hi TNSTC, I really like this 3.33 service. I have traveled many time in this but now a days I am facing some issue like we are not getting the bus frequently on Friday. Please provide special bus on Friday it will be more helpful for ua.




  24. Nowadays this 3.33bus is very slow because one year before i traveled in from Salem to madiwala that bus took only 3hours but in resent time I have traveled 4 to 5 times the same 3.33 bus takes nearly 4hours30 Mon


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