20,00,000 + Views

TNSTC Blog reached a milestone of 20,00,000 + views, Our Admin Dhandapani Krishnasamy started this blog in FEB 10 2010 with his first post of City Buses in Coimbatore, later joined by other authors. As a bus fan we had many criticism thrown up on us., but the great love we had again our TNSTC’s made us to move further and keep on posting.

We collected details regarding on our observation by seeing TNSTC buses and collected timing details kept on busstands, helped by fellow bus fans and special thanks to all our beloved forumers in SSC helped us in making the blog active all these days.

Thanks to each and everyone who supported us, thanks to our Supporters, followers and viewers from everywhere thanks we reached a milestone looking forward to move to a greater place.

20 Lakh Celebration of TNSTC Blog.

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One thought on “20,00,000 + Views

  1. Please increase the number of services to 1 service per hour (24 services) from both places. Recent past I use to travel only by this service from Salem to Bangalore, but not able to travel from Bangalore-Salem. Time of service at bangalore is not ok for me


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