SETC Nanjil Timings

“NANJIL” is not only a famous name in entire Kanyakumari district but also among commuters who travel by SETC down south from Chennai and vice versa. “NANJIL” is a proven speedster of GST with an impressive safety record and punctuality. Running with 100 % occupancy on all days irrespective of any holiday or festive seasons it is bit difficult to manage a seat even today. Due to overwhelming response “NANJIL” was soon accompanied by “NANJIL CHINNATHAMBI” , a similar service from SETC Nagercoil depot and no surprise it was also a hit . From this summer the number of ” NANJIL” services is increased from 2 to 6 . They have been named as NANJIL 1,NANJIL 2 …till NANJIL 5 and NANJIL CHINNATHAMBI ,a move which has been welcomed by the commuters

நாஞ்சில் பெயரை கேட்டாலே சும்மா அதுருத்துல……….

SETC Nanjil Timings

SETC Nanjil Timings

Chennai Metro – New boy in town

Chennai transportation landscape has been a fine example of mix of road and rail transport moving masses in an economical way.  City is blessed with a suburban rail system dating back to the 1920’s and over the period saw many new modes of transport like MRTS getting added and few like trams giving away.  City expanding drastically, coupled with rapid economic activity, it was time for a rapid people mover system which inherited the best of world’s technology.

Metro rail wave having made its presence felt in the Metros of Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Jaipur finally decided to hit the shores of Namma Chennai.  CMRL (Chennai Metro Rail Limited) the SPV formed for this purpose started the work in the year 2009 and project saw light with the commercial operations starting on 29th June 2015.  This day will be a red letter day in the history of Chennai transportation when a new mode of transport is taking shape almost after a Century.  ( I am discounting MRTS here, it being an ugly contraption of SR’s failed attempt on Mass transit system).


Blue eyed boy


We at Team TNSTC blog were awaiting this very day as anything on wheels is dear to us and what better than introducing this fine masterpiece to the readers.


Phase – 1 route map (Pic Courtesy: CMRL Site)

Chennai Metro Phase-1 which comprises of two corridors to a length of 45kms has a unique proposition of 55% of its length being underground.  The Alandur – Koyembedu stretch running to a length of 10kms which has been opened to public is part of the green line which when fully opened will run from St. Thomas Mount to Chennai Central.  The blue line which crisscrosses it at runs from Washermanpet to Chennai Airport.  The newly opened corridor connects CMBT (Chennai Mofussil Bus Terminus) and will prove a boon to the wary traveler once the whole network is in place.


Alandur Metro Station


Alandur station building and MTC bus stop


Ticket Counter


Fare Chart


Kid fare chart

Smart Card

Chennai Metro – Smart Card


Tokens – one time use


Station entry and exit can be traced with the swipe of card


Card balance information

We chose to visit the metro on next day of inauguration to avoid milling crowds and cover the Alandur – Koyembedu stretch. Arriving at Alandur station just an hour into its operation for the day, we were greeted with very lean crowd. Counter staff just a day old were getting a hang of things meddling with the new gizmos. Getting hold of the smart cards, we hit the concourse. CMRL offers one time use tokens and smart cards for the pax and smart cards offer a 10% discount on the journeys. Card recharge machines do the job as well.


Board says it all!!


Platform Information


Swipe your tickets and get into the station – Turnstile


Lifts there too


Escalators at Alandur take you tooo high


Platform Information

Alandur is a huge two tier station and monster escalators lift you up to the third level where plies the green line. Pax-belonging check and access control turnstile take you to the platform area. Brightly lit displays guide pax through to the platforms.




Typical Chennai Metro Station



Board reads – Plaform 3 on Green Line


Next train to Alandur will arrive in 3 mins



Koyembedu Station announces the display


Next train information with destination


Smart ATM’s of private banks available at the platform


Handicap friendly coach position markings


IN and OUT flow markings on the platform


Station boards have line route details as well

CMRL has adopted a bare bones approach in designing the stations and structures don’t have a wow factor attached to them. Platform area is filled with user information board and public address system dishes out information on the upcoming schedules. Security personnel deployed guide the pax on the platform ensure them to fall behind the yellow line. Facility and rules being new, common Indian will take time to tame the kid in him. Platform area also has private bank ATM’s and commercial exploitation of the available infra will be a game changer.


Blue beauty


With the announcement came the shining blue Alstom rake which will take us on the joyride to Koyembedu. Overhead traction is adopted by CMRL and rakes run on the standard gauge. Here, Delhi metro need to be commended, who could prove the point and break the shackles of BG and take the country towards stand gauge based rapid system.


Typical seat arrangement in the normal class coach


Inside of the Normal class of Chennai Metro


Luggage Rack


Announcements inside the coach


Route display with the lights giving station covered details



Alstom coach manufactured in 2014




Handicapped – seat with space for wheel chair



Inside of a the Special Class


Display near the driver side (end of platform)


Stop mark for Pilot


Over head traction in use

4 car rakes are currently doing duty and stations are capable of handling 6 car rakes in future. New concept of “Special class” is introduced in CMRL (fares not clear though) with half a rake dedicated for it and has cushion seating. Ladies have a dedicated space in the rake as well and remaining rake forms the normal class. The concept of Special Class is not a great idea considering its non-existence on other Indian Metro systems. Another notable first in CMRL is the presence of luggage racks. Otherwise, the in-metro car announcements and digital scroll boards do the job of informing the pax of upcoming stations do job well. Trains breezed past five stations and dropped us at Koyembedu in 17 mins flat, not bad. Koyembedu also houses the CMRL administrative office and a huge yard.


CMRL Koyembedu Yard



Dead End


CMRL Administrative building


Maintianance vehicle which can run on the rails


CMBT as viewed from the Metro

Just into the second day of operation, decent office going crowds was a welcome sight. Few points that could not the miss sight were the pending works being carried out at stations which are nearing completion. MTC has no wonder turned the other way by not operating any feeder buses to Metro stations. Stations like Alandur which has in its backyard thickly populated areas will benefit much with MTC “Small buses” acting as feeder services.
With the launch of Metro, high time Chennai babus decide to have a unified transportation authority to help people travel seamless across modes.
In all, though a small 10km beginning, Chennai Metro for sure is going to herald a new travelling experience which will be fast, safe and efficient and will help cover the city with ease.

Check out the videos hosted on Youtube:

Photos and Compilation: Subramanian & Senthil (Team TNSTC Blog)

MTC Service Vehicles

TML 3785 Service Vehicle of Central Depot.

TML 3785 Service Vehicle of  Central Depot

TMN 8648 Recovery of Anna Nagar Depot.

TMN 8648  Recovery of Anna Nagar Depot.

TCB 1829 Recovery of Alandur Depot.

TCB 1829 Recovery of Alandur Depot.

Brand new UD on [Chennai—-Cheyyar] route.

Route : Chennai to Cheyyar
Via : Kancheepuram
Regn : TN-25-N-0421
Route no : 130 UD

TNSTC @ Gudalur in 2008

Thanks to unknown media and photographer a good photo in 2008 at Gudalur. Shot of Bus Station and a TNSTC Coimbatore Bus from Gudalur to Uppatti. Thanks a lot.

TN-43N-0475 of Gudalur Depot Route Gudalur – Uppatti via Nadugani, Devala, Pandalur.

TN-43N-0475 of Gudalur Depot Route Gudalur - Uppatti via Nadugani, Devala,  Pandalur.

Gudalur Bus Station

Gudalur BS

Brand new bus from TNSTC-Madurai in Dindigul to Pazhamputhur route.

Dindigul to Pazhamputhur route is not a well known route for us. It runs via via Oothu, Kodaikanal, Mannavanur. It is operated by Vathlakundu(Bathlakundu/Vathilai) depot of Dindigul region. Recently Vathilai depot added a brand new bus in this route. Luckily got this bus when it came to Madurai Arapalayam BS as a SPL.

TN57 N 2245 of Vathlakundu depot doing Dindigul-Palamputhur via Oothu, Kodai, Mannavanur.
TN57 N 2245

TN57 N 2245

Tiruppur Tirunelveli New Service

After formation of separate Tiruppur Region., TNSTC Tiruppur started to operate weekend special to south destinations beyond Madurai which help the labour sector people who worked in Tiruppur from down south. Before formation of this region TNSTC Erode was operating a Tiruppur – Nagercoil service from Tiruppur 2 Depot with this regular from 2014 every week end Tiruppur – Tirunelveli one bus was deployed as special either from Tiruppur 1 or Tiruppur 2 Depot., slowly it increased to two. During this summer on weekdays two and on weekend it was five specials services. Now one of the special is retained as regular on this route with paint impression. we can expect a new bus for this route from next lot. one end timings we have for this service and have to collect the other end.

Timings | Tirunelveli : 08:15 A.M.

TN-39N-0047 of Tiruppur 2 Depot Route Tiruppur – Tirunelveli via Dharapuram, Ottanchatiram, Madurai.

TN-39N-0047 of Tiruppur 2 Depot Route Tiruppur - Tirunelveli via Dharapuram, Ottanchatiram, Madurai.


A Big Surprise in Madurai…. New Era of Transportation

After the inaugural of 290 new buses on last week., our eyes were on search of the missed new ones. As usual visit to MIBT Madurai Mattuthavani we were taken into big surprise at villupuram corner in 2nd Platform., saw two new SD super Deluxe TN-32N-4092 & 4093 On their bays. These services to Madurai were one of their top collection route for Villupuram Division. A good move by officials for End to End Passenger., will have a good sleep during this 5+ hrs Journey.

In other side a big thanks to SETC., after implementation of 300+ KM rule., Super Deluxe of TNSTC in prime routes have been attached by them. In recent time Aranthangi, Thondi, Pattukottai, Peravurani, Vedaranyam services which handled by TNSTC Pudukottai and Nagapattinam., so this made a jackpot to Trichy – Coimbatore route booming with more numbers of Super Deluxe Buses with a Journey hour of 4 hrs 30 mins… TNSTC Villupuram deployed its last lot SD in Chennai – Kumbakonam , Chennai – Salem and last to Chennai – Pondy and some buses were revert back to short distance less than 300+ Kms. If the rule is not onboard sure these Tier II cities won’t get SD kind of Buses and it would be handled only by 3×2 for long period.

In this new lot on Inaugural coverage we have clicked some new SD of TNSTC Villupuram we were sure that these will be deployed in short distance or else it would be an easy prey for SETC., as expected TNSTC Villupuram Cuddalore Region itself got 5 SD and we predicted the route would Chidambaram – Chennai, Cuddalore – Chennai and mostly Chennai destinated routes would get these SD in their operating judistrication. we didn’t expected a big surprise in Madurai. South Destinations also getting attention recently TNSTC Kumbakonam Trichy Region too added Thuraiyur – Tirunelveli and Trichy – Thiruchendur SD recently.

Today’s People mindset is they are ready to pay a little more for their comfort level specially in distance of 3 and 3+ hrs too., TNSTC officials have easily grabbed it and deployed SD in this routes sure it will be a great success and a great change over in future. Other Divisions will also opt for SD kind of buses in future for their popular express services. TNSTC Salem for their huge successful product Salem – Bengaluru 3.33 ECX and Salem – Kovai 1 to 1. TNSTC Madurai and Tirunelveli for their all time favourite Bypass Riders BPR on their Madurai – Tirunelveli, Madurai – Kovai, Tiruppur, Salem routes. waiting for other Division SD to rock on road., that will be not so far.

TNSTC Villupuram Super Deluxes in Madurai., Rear finishing on this bus in done as volvo city type a nice variation done by Panruti BBU.

TN-32N-4092 of Villupuram 1 Depot Route Villupuram – Madurai via Ulundurpettai, Perambalur, Trichy.

Timings : Villupuram : 10:30, 22:30 | Madurai : 11:00, 21:00

TN-32N-4092 of Villupuram 1 Depot Route Villupuram - Madurai via Ulundurpettai, Perambalur, Trichy.

TN-32N-4093 of Vadalur Depot Route 499A Neyveli T.S. – Madurai via Vadalur, Thittagudi, Perambalur, Trichy.

Timings : Neyveli TS : 13:00 | Madurai : 21:40

TN-32N-4093 of Vadalur Depot Route 499A Neyveli T.S. - Madurai via Vadalur, Thittagudi, Perambalur, Trichy.

TN-32N-4093 Volvo type rear glass.

SETC Bus Timings from Srirangam

SETC operates direct bus services to important destination and Classic Bus with Pantry facility from Srirangam on following times. Classic Bus is a great hit from SETC and running full on both ends from Srirangam and Chennai. Thanks to ilovetrichy from SSC for sharing the timings.

SETC Bus Timings from Srirangam

SETC Timings from Srirangam.

Exclusive pictures of TNSTC – Salem new buses from Jun/2015 batch ( Contd….)

Few more in and around Hosur


Dharmapuri Region

TN 29 N 2597 & 2598 on Salem – Bengaluru 3.33 ECX Non Stop

TN 29 N 2603 on Salem – Bengaluru 1 to 5

TN 29 N 2605 on Tiruvannamalai – Bengaluru 1 to 5 ( This is an new initiative )

Salem Region

TN 30 N 1365  on Salem – Bengaluru 3.33 ECX Non Stop


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