T67 kanchipuram to hariharapakkam

Route : T67 kanchipuram to hariharapakkam
via : doosi,sipcot
regn :tn-21-n-0755

79 kanchipuram to adayar via-velacherry

79 kanchipuram to adayar
kanchi depot/orikkai div

Chennai Central to Basin Bridge MTC Free Bus

Changes in the pattern of train services between Chennai Central and Basin Bridge. Lying of new lines between Chennai Moore Market Complex and Basin Bridge has been completed. Chennai Divisional Railway Manager has mentioned that all the train services will be operated as usual from 27th Sep.

Lying of new tracks for the 5th and 6th lines was underway between Chennai Central Moore Market Complex and Basin Bridge. Now this work is in final stages. Because of this the train services have been changed.Divisional Railway Manager Anupam Sharma while speaking said: The work connected with the lying of tracks for 5th and 6th line between MMC and Basin Bridge is going on in top gear. Since the works are in final stages there is major changes in the train services. This will be implemented from 7th Oct.

As a first stage trains from MMC to Avadi and Gummidipoondi will be operated as per the current time table from today (13th Sep) to 18th Sep. Similarly trains bound to Arakkonam and Tirutani will be operated from today till 16th Sep as per new time table. On 17th and 18th (2 days), Moore Market Complex station is closed. No EMU service towards Avadi/Tiruvallur/Arakkonam/Tirutani is available from Moore Market Complex on these days. Alternative EMU services towards Avadi, Tiruvallur, Arakkonam and Tirutani are run from Chennai Beach.

Tirupathi MEMU trains are to run from Chennai Beach on 13th Sep (Tuesday), 17th (Saturday) and 18th (Sunday). From 14th to 16th Tirupathi MEMU are available from Moore Market Complex Station. EMU trains to Gummidipoondi and Sullurupetta is available from Platform 7 at Basin Bridge Station at an interval of 45 minutes from 13th Sep to 16th Sep (4 days) & 19th to 26th (8 days). Regular EMU Services from Moore Market Complex Station towards Gummidipoondi,Sullurupetta,Nellore are available from 27th.

Southern Railway has asked Metropolitan Transport Corporation (MTC) to operate additional buses in the Perambur-Basin Bridge-Tiruvottiyur-Chennai Central areas to cushion the impact of lesser train services. The fewer train services are due to major engineering work being carried out till October 8 to commission two additional lines between Chennai Central and Basin Bridge junction. MTC is running free bus from Chennai Central to Basin Bridge as a chartered trip for Southern Railway Public can make use of the free service.

Photo : Anand.MK


New SLF Type buses for TNSTC-Tirunelveli

Few months back TNSTC-Madurai has added close 30-40 SLF type buses built on TML chassis. These buses looked like JNNURM AshLey SLF buses and had bucket(Marcopolo model) seats, digital boards etc., They charged SLF fare and they were added to some important routes in madurai.
Inline with this, yesterday to our big surprise, we saw a new bus similar to it was moving towards Tirunelveli from Madurai with TNSTC-Tirunelveli stickers. Fit and finish was good similar to Madurai version and good thing is that these are built in AshLey Viking chassis. Waiting to see them with jazzy stickers and running in Nellai/Nagercoil.

New bus on its way to Nellai from Madurai



TNSTC-Madurai version built on top of TML chassis.

TNSTC Madurai New SLF_7

First bus which was standing for registration

Return online ticket booking enabled for Services from Guruvayur

Online ticket booking for Return services enabled from Guruvayur.

Guruvayur to Madurai(Via Thrissur, Pollachi, Palani): 8:45 AM, 8:00 PM
Guruvayur to Chennai(Via Thrissur, Coimbatore): 2:00 PM
Guruvayur to Salem(Via Thrissur, Coimbatore): 7:00 AM, 10:00 AM, 8:30 PM, 10:00 PM
Guruvayur to Tuticorin(Via Thrissur): 5:00 PM

Tatkal and Mobile app for online booking to be introduced

Tatkal booking will be introduced in the online booking for the last minute travellers similar to Railways and each bus will have 4 seats allotted for Tatkal scheme.

A new Mobile app will be introduced for online booking of tickets.

‘தத்கல்’ டிக்கெட் முன்பதிவு அரசு பஸ்களில் அறிமுகமாகிறது

சென்னை: ”தமிழக அரசு விரைவு பஸ்களில், ‘தத்கல்’ டிக்கெட் முன்பதிவு மற்றும் மொபைல் போன் செயலி முன்பதிவு திட்டம் அறிமுகப்படுத்தப்படும்,” என, போக்குவரத்து துறை அமைச்சர் எம்.ஆர்.விஜயபாஸ்கர் கூறினார்.

சட்டசபையில், போக்குவரத்து துறை மானிய கோரிக்கை மீதான விவாதத்திற்கு பதிலளித்து, அமைச்சர் வெளியிட்டுள்ள அறிவிப்புகள்:

அனைத்து அரசு துறை வாகன ஓட்டுனர்களுக்கு, புத்துணர்வு பயிற்சி அளிக்கவும், புதிதாக பணியில் சேர்ந்தவர்களுக்கு தகுந்த பயிற்சி அளிக்கவும், மோட்டார் வாகன பராமரிப்புத் துறையின் கீழ் இயங்கும் திருச்சி, மதுரை, சேலம் ஆகிய இடங்களில் உள்ள, அரசு தானியங்கி பணிமனைகளில், ‘அம்மா ஓட்டுனர் பயிற்சி நிறுவனம்’ துவங்கப்படும்.

அரசு விரைவு போக்குவரத்து கழகம் மற்றும் இதர தமிழக அரசு போக்குவரத்து கழகங்களின் நெடுந்துார பஸ்களில், ‘மொபைல் ஆப்’ எனப்படும், மொபைல் போன் செயலி வழி, டிக்கெட் முன்பதிவுத் திட்டம் நடைமுறைப்படுத்தப்படும்.

அவசர வேலை காரணமாக, உடனடியாக பயணம் மேற்கொள்ள வேண்டிய பயணிகள் வசதிக்காக, அரசு விரைவு பஸ்களில், தலா, நான்கு இருக்கைகள், ‘தத்கல்’ எனப்படும், முன்பதிவு முறையில் அறிமுகப்படுத்தப்படும். இவ்வாறு அவர் கூறினார்.

Source: Dinamalar

SETC 879T Palani Bengaluru via Dharapuram

An Additional service have been recently introduced on Palani Bengaluru via Dharapuram, Tiruppur. we had already posted an article regards the new additional service. SETC Dindigul Depot is operating this service.

Timings : Palani : 20:00 | Bengaluru : 20:55

TN01 AN 0652 DGL C 209 of Dindigul Depot Route 879T Palani Bengaluru via Dharapuram, Tiruppur.

TN01 AN 0652 DGL C 209 of Dindigul Depot Route 879T Palani Bengaluru via Dharapuram, Tiruppur.

TNSTC Nagercoil Marthandam Chennai Sunday Special

TNSTC Nagercoil which started Summer special from Marthandam, Nagercoil, Kanyakumari and major towns of Kanyakumari Dist stopped after summer vacation now its again running buses on Sunday’s alone from Marthandam, Nagercoil. This particular TN74 N 1644 is from Thiruvattar Depot and runs on Marthandam Chennai Sunday special routes. Timings have not been regularized it departs between 16:00 – 18:00 hrs in Nagercoil depends on crowd. Apart from Chennai Coimbatore, Salem specials also getting added on sundays.

TN74 N 1644 of Tiruvattar Depot Route Marthandam Chennai Sunday Special.

TN74 N 1644 of Tiruvattar Depot Route Marthandam Chennai Sunday Special

TN74 N 1644

Ukkadam and Singanallur pickup points in Coimbatore

Recently SETC has added new pickup points in Coimbatore, Madurai and Tirunelveli. In addition to that we got new pickup points in Coimbatore for the buses crossing Ukkadam and Singanallur BS towards Madurai. Buses running via Pollachi has got Ukkadam as new pickup point and Singanallur, Palladam got added for few buses running via Dharapuram. These pickup points are missing for few more routes which we have listed down. I hope they will add them also.

Ukkadam Pickup point added for the following services
1. 662 – Coimbatore to Kuttam
2. 665 – Coimbatore to Thysayanvilai
3. 626E – Coimbatore to Sathankulam(Sattan Kulam)
4. 632 – Coimbatore to Udankudi
5. 629 – Coimbatore to Sencottah

Singanallur and Palladam Pickup points added for the following services
1. 664 – Coimbatore to Nagercoil(7:15 PM, 7:45 PM, 9:15 PM)
2. 664 – Coimbatore to Marthandam(7:45 PM)

They can add Ukkadam/Singanallur pickup point for the following routes also.
1. 625 – Coimbatore to Tuticorin.
2. 626 – Coimbatore to Tirunelveli
3. 636 – Coimbatore to Rameshwaram
4. Ooty to Trivandrum/Kanyakumari/Nagercoil/Marthandam
5. 603 – Coimbatore to Devakottai
6. 666 Coimbatore to Papanasam
7. 631 – Coimbatore to Tiruchendur
Few buses from 625 and 626 do it via Palladam. For them, they can create new route number and provide a pickup point at Singanallur

Ukkadam Pickup point listed for Kuttam-Anandha Paravai.

Singanallur Pickup point for Coimbatore to Nagercoil service.

SETC added new pickup points for Tirunelveli

Recently SETC has added new pickup points for Coimbatore, Madurai cities and now its turn for Tirunelveli to get its new pickup points.

Vannarapettai, Thachanallur bye pass and Sankar Nagar pickup points got added from Tirunelveli. These pickup up points were added for almost all routes starting from Tirunelveli which are running via Madurai. These pickup points are excluded for the buses coming from South of Nellai(Trivandrum/Kanyakumari/Marthandam to Ooty/Chennai/Coimbatore etc.,)

New Nellai pickup points.JPG


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