TNSTC Vellore New 303UD Chennai Hosur

TNSTC Villupuram Division is doing a tremendous job by introducing its own built UD ultra Deluxe buses on all prime routes. TNSTC Vellore introduced Chennai Vellore 502UD some months back it had a warm welcome among passengers on Chennai vellore sector. On meeting demands and request from Passengers TNSTC Vellore Officials run one 502UD Chennai Vellore bus on trial basis in route no 303 Chennai Hosur as it was success a new UD bus has replaced one of the service in Chennai Hosur. A Brand new UD ultra Deluxe is now running between Chennai and Hosur.

Photos : Anand.M.K

TN23 N 2455 of Koyambedu Depot Route 303UD TSS Chennai Hosur via Vellore, Krishnagiri.

Timings : Chennai : 12:00 P.M. | Hosur : 10:30 P.M.

TN23 N 2455

TNSTC Villupuram Timings from Adyar

TNSTC Villupuram playing a major role in connecting TN Capital Chennai with Northern District. Apart from Koyambedu Asia largest terminal. It also run buses to Avadi, Saidapet, Guindy, Adyar, Shollinganallur. In these places connectivity to Adyar is more than other destinations. From Adyar there are services to Tiruvannamalai, Villupuram, Vellore, Salem. From Adyar buses takes Taramani, Velachery, Medavakkam, Tambaram East and reaches Perungulathur, day by day there is a demand for direct connectivity from Adyar. Timings of TNSTC Villupuram buses departing from Adyar if any services or timings is missed out please do inform us we will update it. The buses from Adyar will start in Indra Nagar Water Tank Bus Stop.

TNSTC Villupuram Timings from Adyar.

TNSTC Villupuram Timings from Adyar

TNSTC Express Bus Timings at Arani

TNSTC Express Bus Timings from Arani. Arani in Tiruvannamalai District is famous for its Rice and Silk saree production.In olden days Arni was called Aranyam. Aar means Athi tree; such trees once covered the region. In the north of Arni, there was a river, the Kamandala Naga river. These trees and river looked like an ornament; hence the name Arni. The river Kamandala Naga Nathi flows in one side and the Tatchur river flows in other side as ornament (In Tamil literature ornament means “Ani”) so Aaru(River) is making Ani(Ornament) hence the name Arani. The town is well known for Rice and Silk in Tamil Nadu, Majority of the population in and around the town are depending on Agricultural and Weaving related occupation. The revenues of the town are the major contribution to the revenues of the district. There are more than 250 Rice mills with in the town limit and stands second in the state to produce rice next to Thanjavur region.

Timings of TNSTC Express service from Arani. Thanks to PSB Arani for sharing the timings with us.

TNSTC Express Timings in Arani

TNSTC Tiruvannamalai Adyar Ultra Deluxe

TNSTC Villupuram Division Tiruvannamalai Region is operating many services between Tiruvannamalai Adyar for the benifits of Pilgrims in Adyar, Tharamani, Velacherry, Medavakkam areas., recently one of the services have been upgraded with 2 x 2 pushback with Ultra Deluxe service. A nice move by TNSTC Official. Three Days back second UD TN25 N 0479 also added to this route. Timings from Adyar has been taken now soon will update with both ends.

Photo : Nagaraja.M (Super Fast 444)

Timings : Adyar : 07:50, 09:15, 18:05, 20:15

TN25 N 0480 Ultra Deluxe Tiruvannamalai Adyar

TN25 N 0480

TN25 N 0479

TNSTC Karaikudi MuduKulathur Tirunelveli

Mudukulathoor Tirunelveli One of the oldest route of Mudukulathoor Depot operated from the period of MPTC Maruthupandiyar Transport Corporation. The service runs as a cut trip till Thoothukudi in Morning and full to Tirunelveli in its evening trip.

TN63 N 1612 of Mudukulathur Depot Route Mudukulathur – Tirunelveli via Sayalkudi, Thoothukudi.

TN63 N 1612 of Mudukulathur Depot Route Mudukulathur - Tirunelveli via Sayalkudi, Thoothukudi.

TNSTC Tiruvannamalai Chennai Polur Ultra Deluxe

After introduction of new Ultra Deluxe buses by all regions of TNSTC Villupuram. All prime routes to chennai is conneted with these new buses. TNSTC Villupuram Tiruvannamalai Region already introduced bunch of Deluxe buses in Chennai – Tiruvannamalai route other than that it also operates services to Arani. Recently a service added in Polur – Chennai route also from TNSTC Tiruvannamalai Polur Depot. We would update the timings of the services as soon as possible.

Photos : Nagaraja.M (SuperFast 444)

TN25 N 0478 of Polur Depot Route Polur Chennai via Arani.

TN25 N 0478 of Polur Depot Route Polur Chennai SD

TN25 N 0478

SETC Recent Transfers to Sencottah Depot

SETC State Owned Express of TamilNadu running its UD Ultra Deluxe Services to Kerala Destinations from major cities. Recently SETC changed some of its KL routes from Chennai Depots to Sencottah Depot. SETC Sencottah Depot is one of the best for maintenance and operates many Kerala services, Chennai – Kottarakara, Chennai – Pathinamthitta operated by Chennai B Pallavan Salai Depot are transferred to Sencottah Depot. In this Kottarakara service can be extended till Kollam and it will benefit the people and merchants in this belt from kollam – Punalur in Kerala., by extending it to Kollam a connectivity between east and west costal area will also be established. The same way by transferring Trichy – Kottarakara service to Sencottah and it can be extended on both sides Kollam in Kerala and Chidambaram in TamilNadu it helps the students who are studying in collages between Trichy – Chidambaram will have a direct connectivity and it helps pilgrims who visit Kumbakonam, Navagraha Temples and chidambarm from KL side. Officials should make necessary steps for this extension connectivity.

A Recent Transfer from Chennai CNB to Sencottah SHN depot.
TN01 AN 0324 of Sencottach Depot Route 789UD Chennai Pathinamthitta via Madurai, Tenkasi, Sencottah, Punalur.

Photo : Chappy

TN01 AN 0324 of Sencottach Depot Route 789UD Chennai Pathinamthitta via Madurai, Tenkasi, Sencottah, Punalur.

TNSTC Blog 50 Lakhs Views Celebration

TNSTC Blog had reached a new milestone of 50 Lakhs Views Celebration. The Celebration begins for us and our Kind hearted viewers who made this possible. started on Feb 10 2010 and marching towards an endless journey. Six years of bonding we bloggers were united by TNSTC and now we are a family. People who admired our passion joined their hands with us slowly our family got big and still many are eager to mingle with us. Thanks to our senior peoples who poured their knowledge to us Selvan.K, Drowsarpandi, Sahadevan Vijayakumar. A big thanks to the platform SSC Skyscapercity which united us all. Many viewers Bus fans of our blog helped us to reach this level the journey will continue on.. these new achievements give us more responsibility to do better. Thanks to our viewers Meenatchi, Mastan Shariff, Naveen vijayakumar, Prem Sundar, Joyson Vasanthakumar, Amarnath Mech, Thamba Chidambaram, Sundaramoorthy Sakthivel, Tr.Raman, Nasir Hussain, PSB Arani. A big credits goes to my Team TNSTC Blog for this great achievements. Still miles to go get connected with us…………….:) I apologize if i missed anyone.

50 L Celebration

50 Lakhs Celebration Graph

TNSTC Nagercoil Madurai Division III Rare Tickets from 1997

It is very rare to see these tickets now. When Individual corporation names changed to TNSTC. NTC Nesamony Transport Corporation was attached with TNSTC Madurai and it was the third division under its Control. Every bus had the stickerings TNSTC Madurai Div III. Being a solo performer in Kanyakumari District NTC TNSTC Nagercoil is very close to the hearts of many publics. There are huge fans for NTC TNSTC Nagercoil. Collection of the rare tickets from 1997 starting from 0.50 Paise to 4 Rupees. Nearly 20 years it had been preserved as treasure by Duranto Kesavan, Thanks a ton to him for sharing this treasure with us.

TNSTC Nagercoil Madurai Division III.

TNSTC Nagercoil

A New Service From TNSTC MDU – Pudhukulam Depot Nagercoil – Trichy


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