Modified Air buses from TNSTC-CBE

TNSTC-CBE did some modifications to the SLFs running in coimbatore city and running those buses in the intercity routes. The modifications done the buses are not upto the mark. They didnt even do the patch works. Just painted the buses with some green/red colors and started running these buses.

Seats? worst job done here too. They could have bought some new 3X2 seats and changed it. I think they have reused the seats from old moffusil buses which are supposed to be converted as City buses. Seats from these SLFs were given to those moffussil buses. Just an interchange between Moffusil and City buses. In software terms this is so called “Reuse”. 😀

Interiors – have a look at the seats.. 😦

I saw these buses in the following routes. Not sure still they are running or not
Coimbatore – Trichy
Coimbatore – Madurai
Coimbatore – Pollachi / Palani
Coimbatore – Karur
Palani – Erode (by Erode region)
Pollachi – Tirupur

Few buses was standing in udumalpet depot sometime back.


Exteriors and Interiors from TNSTC-MDU — Whether TNSTC-CBE guys saw this bus? 😦 i think No

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One thought on “Modified Air buses from TNSTC-CBE

  1. Hi the seats in the picture belong to TN38N0900 to TN38N1090 series. Those ones were in service between 2002-2004…Were crampy and very uncomfortable seats i used to feel then…..


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