New buses from TNSTC in 2010 – Part 1 (SETC)

This is the series of posts where we will be seeing the TNSTC buses which got added in the year 2010. Lets start with our SETC.

Once SETC is famous for adding new fleets at regular intervals. Now SETC is almost gone. It operates semi deluxe, Super deluxe(luxury), Ultra deluxe, Ultra deluxe AC services. SETC is running based on its past performance. SETC added new Luxury coach buses this year. They added 50 buses initially and it might be more as of now. These buses initially started running only in the Interstate routes.

These new luxury coaches were built by SETC Body building unit at nagarkovil. These buses were built very much similar to erstwhile UD coaches. Almost all the kerala bound SETC buses were replaced and now they started replacing the rest of the super deluxe buses with these new luxury coach buses.

All these buses were built with normal “Axle” chasis. No UD/AC services were added to the existing fleets.

Seats of these new luxury coaches were inhouse built push back. I havent seen any TATA fleets in SETC. They continued that this year also. All these new buses were from Leyland.

I have seen these new luxury coach buses in the following routes.
Madurai – Guruvayoor
Sengottai- Madurai – Ernakulam
Madurai – Ernakulam via kottayam
Madurai – Kozhikode
Nagarkovil – Chennai (Summer special)
Tuticorin/Nellai – Alapuzha
Sengottai – Coimbatore
Coimbatore – Tuticorin
Madurai – Chennai (saw only one long back – might be a special)

I expected SETC might get some new UD services. This year also we didnt get Volvos. In all the south STCs only TNSTC(incl SETC) didnt have any dedicated intercity volvos. Even though TNSTC VPM runns modified volvos in intercity routes, those are not actually intercity volvos.

Expect SETC to concentrate more on the maintenance of these new buses and also its UD fleets. Few UD fleets are waiting for its replacement. TN Govt should consider adding new UD and Volvos. Introduction of etickets atleast for its AC services and routes which has less patronage. New Online booking centers should be added in all towns.

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23 thoughts on “New buses from TNSTC in 2010 – Part 1 (SETC)

  1. its good to c number of new buses in madurai division and others tnstsc.. we ned AC buses in madurai division for local transport in order to reduce the over crowd in the buses.. plzzz


  2. we need AC buses in madurai city for local transport.. its very crowd in all the buses.. in order to reduce the crowd ac buses can be provided…..


  3. Why do you want to have TATA buses in SETC fleet? They dont return mileage, are not comfortable. Travel in a tata and see. you will find the difference


    • We dont have any TATA buses om SETC. Moreover TATA buses are not used much for long distance travel.

      This is not an official blog of TNSTC – This is FYI.


  4. nellai city was the sixth largest city in tamilnadu.this city was totally neglated from SETC,TNSTC,etc…there are more than hundred SLF,JNNURM busses running in madurai,kovai,etc…but tirunelveli is not included in jnnurm to operatate that like,pleaze transfer more SLF,JNNURM busses for nellai city for town bus like madurai.


    • Hi,
      Thanks for those comment. Nellai and NGL region gets most of the dubba buses from other division. But in 2010 i saw more number of new moffusil buses got added to these 2 regions. But those buses are running in intercity routes. The city buses are worst in the whole of south TN.
      TNSTCs cannot transfer JNNURM buses from Chennai/Madurai/Coimbatore to Nellai. Because those SLFs were bought under JNNURM scheme for the city and it is implemented by TNSTC. for more information about JNNURM funding of buses you can visit
      FYI. This is not an official blog of TNSTC. I’m updating this blog based on my experiences and the news which im getting.


  5. hey its nice to see the new buses running but no maintaning it at all pls pls pls pls pls take a sever action to matain all ne buses and including previous launch new volvo ultra semi delux pls take a immdeate action its my hummble request its not only my request its all tha people of tamilnadu request try to keep like ommni bus


  6. two years before transport minister announced as tirunelveli will be announced as new tnstc division by seperating the madurai division. but there is no forward movement in it…


  7. sir
    its nice to look such a colour buses and luxury coaches but y must maintain the buses every day try to leave buses to new and routes which have been losed by setc corpration please try to leave a new bus to thuraiyur to chennai which was running time is noon 12.00 pm from chennai night 10.00 pm frm thuraiyur to chennai its very convinent to all thuraiyur people to come chennai in loww rate they have stopped the bus because of no collection but so many kumbakonam thanjayur madurai are going in empty they canalso stop thatr route buses also (please try to launch the 120pp route again)


  8. there are no new buses in tnstc for kumbakonam to chennai. all new super deluxe buses bought by tnstc kumbakonam are transferred to other depots. old super deluxe buses from other depots are brought to kumbakonam depot and operating to chennai. those buses are not comfortable to travel. pls take any action.


  9. I still feel TNSTC should go for Leyland 12M buses instead of conventional VIkings as above. With 12M they could add an additional last row which could bring revenue. THere is no 12M in TNSTC except the AC UD’s unlike KeSRTC has many in normal routes.


  10. The madurai division is one of the biggest division in tamillnadu & Madurai is the second biggest city in tamilnadu1. there are no private bus services in madurai so the govt bus is not enough to the public so we need extra buses from the TNSTC espeshally llocal A/C bus services


  11. Dear Dhandapani,
    An excellent blog ,
    A soft advice.
    There was an historical photo of our SETC (taken in 60/70), which is available in web , The State express bus from Tanjore to Salem.if you wish , you can add in your website , with proper disclaimer


    • Thanks for information. i have seen that bus pic.. I’ll put that pic in my blog. I’m actually searching for pics of old Cheran, Jeeva, Pandian and Pallavan too.,


  12. கும்பகோணம்-ஜெயங்கொண்டம்-விருத்தாசலம்-விழுப்புரம்-சென்னை


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