TNSTC Express Bus Timings at Arani

TNSTC Express Bus Timings from Arani. Arani in Tiruvannamalai District is famous for its Rice and Silk saree production.In olden days Arni was called Aranyam. Aar means Athi tree; such trees once covered the region. In the north of Arni, there was a river, the Kamandala Naga river. These trees and river looked like an ornament; hence the name Arni. The river Kamandala Naga Nathi flows in one side and the Tatchur river flows in other side as ornament (In Tamil literature ornament means “Ani”) so Aaru(River) is making Ani(Ornament) hence the name Arani. The town is well known for Rice and Silk in Tamil Nadu, Majority of the population in and around the town are depending on Agricultural and Weaving related occupation. The revenues of the town are the major contribution to the revenues of the district. There are more than 250 Rice mills with in the town limit and stands second in the state to produce rice next to Thanjavur region.

Timings of TNSTC Express service from Arani. Thanks to PSB Arani for sharing the timings with us.

TNSTC Express Timings in Arani

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2 thoughts on “TNSTC Express Bus Timings at Arani

  1. Please provide reservation for UD please the thing to find seat in UD from Chennai to Arani or even get more money from passengers they are need of UD bus not for these old aged bus with heavy noise each and every time I travel in ordinary bus I cannot tolerate my experience it’s very awkward this is my kind request thank you.


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