TNSTC Vellore New 303UD Chennai Hosur

TNSTC Villupuram Division is doing a tremendous job by introducing its own built UD ultra Deluxe buses on all prime routes. TNSTC Vellore introduced Chennai Vellore 502UD some months back it had a warm welcome among passengers on Chennai vellore sector. On meeting demands and request from Passengers TNSTC Vellore Officials run one 502UD Chennai Vellore bus on trial basis in route no 303 Chennai Hosur as it was success a new UD bus has replaced one of the service in Chennai Hosur. A Brand new UD ultra Deluxe is now running between Chennai and Hosur.

Photos : Anand.M.K

TN23 N 2455 of Koyambedu Depot Route 303UD TSS Chennai Hosur via Vellore, Krishnagiri.

Timings : Chennai : 12:00 P.M. | Hosur : 10:30 P.M.

TN23 N 2455

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