TNSTC Kumbakonam New Buses from Feb 08 2016 Inaugural Ceremony

A total of 701 new buses have been inaugurated today by Our Honourable CM. For MTC 65, Villupuram 97, Salem 85, Coimbatore 93, Kumbakonam 202, Madurai 154, Tirunelveli 18. Kumbakonam area is the one we have missed for a long time thanks to Bharathy from Kumbakonam for clicking the Inaugural buses, First time a good coverage from Kumbakonam.

TN-68N-0725 454 A Kumbakonam – Tanjore.

TN-68N-0725 454 A Kumbakonam - Tanjore

TN-68N-0732 Kumbakonam Coimbatore.

TN-68N-0732 Kumbakonam Coimbatore

TN-68N-0748 Kumbakonam Trichy.

TN-68N-0748 Kumbakonam Trichy

TN-68N-0748 Kumbakonam

TN-68N-0760 111 Express Kumbakonam Trichy.


TN-68N-0760 111 Express

TN-68N-0762 Kumbakonam Trichy.


TN-68N-0790 Kumbakonam Trichy.


TN-68N-0790 111L Kumbakonam - Trichy

TN-68N-0792 451M Avudaiyarkovil – Kumbakonam.

TN-68N-0792 451M Avudaiyarkovil - Kumbakonam

TN-68N-0795 478D Pattukottai – Trichy.

TN-68N-0795 478D Pattukottai - Trichy

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