Vellore gets Boarding Point in 787 Chennai Thrissur SETC

For the benefits of peoples of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, SETC has introduced a new service till Trissur from Chennai before 3 months. As the service received a good response from the peoples of Vellore, SETC has improved the service by adding Vellore as a Boarding point.

As of now, the service to Thrissur (Kerala) is increased to 3. Here are the depature time from CMBT

H791 Chennai – Ernakulam 15:05
H785 Chennai – Guruvayur 15:45
787 Chennai – Thrissur 17:30 via vellore

You can now book tickets from Chennai to Coimbatore, Palakkad and Thrissur in this service. Also you can book tickets from Vellore to Coimbatore, Palakkad and Thrissur in this service. From Vellore the bus starts at 2030 Hrs. We request SETC officials to revise the timings and take necessary steps to increase the service.


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