A Dedication to the Conductors of TNSTC

A small Dedication from our Team TNSTC Blog to the Conductors of our beloved TNSTC, Love the way they hold the cash and whistle, some of them whistle with their hands it could be heard in any crowd. We would rate this job as one of the worst in the world, because have to handle hundreds of unknown peoples in a route. A conductor is like a mirror have to smile who smiles at him and react as same the people who travel with him in his daily duty. when there is a change in rules of transport department all the criticism and anger from Public should be faced by them. A ground level worker who handles all the pressure from Management and Public side. Thanks to our beloved ones who takes care of their passengers who travel with them.

A small tribute and dedication to them by posting this pic.

A great thanks to the person who clicked this Pic : Respective Owners


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