Chennai-Kuttam “Anandha Paravai”

Few information about this Anandha Paravai service..
1. LCD TV was installed by the people of Kuttam..
2. Introduced by Central depot as “King Service” tag..
3. One comment for this service from FB was.. “If Kuttam Anandha Paravai can do this, why not other SETC UDs can’t do it??”
4. Introduced by the same BM who was instrumental in introducing Vasantham, Puthu vasantham etc.,
5. One of the very few SETC buses which get its seats filled most of the times compared to other services..
6. Shares the same brand name along with Coimbatore-Kuttam service. It is also one of the best service in that route and majority of the time it skips, Madurai..

Chennai: CMBT-4:00 PM, Perungalathur-4:50 PM
Kuttam: Kuttam-4:00 PM, Thisayanvilai-5:00 PM, Tirunelveli- 06:30 PM.

TN01 AN 0082 of Central depot.. Heading to Kuttam from Chennai..
TN01 AN 0082

The rear.. Perfect stickering works.. Thanks to the people of Kuttam and Central depot of Chennai.. Expecting more services similar to this from SETC..
TN01 AN 0082

Rural services of Dharamapuri / Palacode region – Part 2

Continuation …

TN 30 N 0247  serving Bodarahalli – Palacode – Thippampatti

TN 30 N 0247 of Palacode Branch

TN 29 N 1906 serving Chinnampalli – Dharmapuri – Pochampalli/Jambukuttapatti

TN 29 N 1906 of Dharampuri nagar Branch

TN 29 N 1540 serving Vellisandhai – Palacode – Dharmapuri

TN 29 N 1540 belongs to Palacode Branch

TN 29 N 1775 serving Dharmapuri – Laligam

TN 29 N 1775 of Dharmapuri Nagar Branch

TN 29 N  1800 serving Dharampuri – Palacode

TN 29 N 1800 of Dharmapuri Nagar Branch

TN 29 N 1802 serving Dharmapuri – Vathimarathuhalli

TN 29 N 1802 of Dharmapuri Nagar Branch


Rural services of Dharamapuri / Palacode region – Part 1

!! Good Morning viewers !!

Below are the few old warriors of our beloved STU captured in and around Dharmapuri . One more proof that TNSTC  is the pioneer of providing connectivity to the remote villages.

TN 29 N 1984 refurbished bus doing  12 Dharmapuri – Periyur

TN 29 N 1984 of Dharmapuri Nagar branch

TN 29 N 1601 serving 6 Palacode – Karimangalam

TN 29 N 1601 of Palacode branch

TN 29 N 1544 doing 14A Palacode – Dharmapuri

TN 29 N 1544 of Palacode branch

TN 29 N 1694 doing 4 Palacode – Rayakottai

TN 29 N 1694 of Palacode branch

TN 29 N 1774 doing 7A Dharmapuri – Mittareddyhalli – Papparapatti

TN 29 N 1774 of Dharmapuri Nagar branch


to be continued ……

இனிய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்

இனிய ஜய தமிழ் புத்தாண்டு நல்வாழ்த்துக்கள்.

Happy Jaya Tamil New Year.

From Team TNSTC Blog


Town bus on Thoppur ghat section

TN 29 N 2017 of Dharmapuri town depot serving Dharmapuri – Thoppur – Thoppayar Dam

TN 29 N 2017


This is an unusual and rare spotting of a city bus crossing this ghat section in years.


SETC Timings at Kumbakonam

Kumbakonam SETC Timings

Source: NSH @ SSC

TNSTC Kumbakonam Karaikudi Region buses touching South Destination

Below Buses are unique and special there is no pair service from opposite region Nellai and Nagercoil.

TN-63N-1370 of Kamudhi Depot Route : Kamudhi – Thiruchendur via Sayalkudi, Thoothukudi.

TN-63N-1456 of Ramanathapuram Mofussil Depot Route : Ramanathapuram – Sencottah via Sayalkudi, vilathikulam, Kovilpatti, Sankarankovil, Puliyangudi, Tenkasi.

TN-63N-1458 of Rameswaram Depot Route : Rameswaram – Kanyakumari Via Ramnathapuram, Sayalkudi, Thoothukudi, Thiruchendur, Uvari, Koodankulam.

TN-63N-1497 of Tirupattur Depot Route : Tirupattur – Thiruchendur via Sivaganagai, Manamadurai, Kamudhi, Sayalkudi, Thoothukudi.


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