Virudhunagar Region City Buses

TNSTC Madurai Virudhunagar Region Operates city buses in Virudnagar district from its depots here are some of the city Buses of Various Depot.

TN-67N-0587 of Virudhunagar Depot Route 9 Virudhunagar – Aruppukottai.


TN-67N-0409 of Srivilliputtur Depot Route Srivilliputtur – Koomapatti.


TN-67N-0388 of Aruppukottai Depot Route Aruppukottai – Ramasamypatti.


TN-58N-0927 of Sattur Depot Route 1 Sattur – Kovilpatti via Nalli, Odapatti, Velayuthapuram.


Super Deluxe to City Bus

TNSTC Nellai converted all its Super Deluxe to city bus, TNSTC Nellai got 3 TN-01N registered SD buses, TN-01N-8156, TN-01N-8704 and TN-01N-9534, these three super deluxe got as compensation for their loss to SETC 300+ Km rule. to componsate the loss of TNSTC Tirunelveli they got this buses with routes. 703 Tirunelveli – Allepey 2 services and 719 Tirunelveli – Kollam 1 service in June 2012.

After these years of running these SD’s were replaced by 3*2 seater on their routes in the present lot of 17 buses, little worst decision taken by management is they have converted this SD into city buses. they should have run these buses in short distance EEE between Tirunelveli – Nagercoil or a BPR in Tirunelveli – Madurai route with little high fare than normal express, people who want little more comfort will surely take this service, if they put it on correct time, then it would gain popular among passengers and it would be a great hit.

TN-01N-8156 as Super Deluxe to Kollam.


TN-01N-8156 of Bypass Depot 36E Nellai Junnction to Vadakukarakurichi via Nellai Town, pettai, Suthamalli, Kalloor, Cheranmahadevi.


TN-01N-8156 Rear.


Repair works can be improved

Meeting with an accident and losing original face is unfortunate but the restoration job carried out by our beloved corporation seems to be much more unfortunate.

We have come across many instances where a brand new bus doesn’t look like new after the face lift job. Once a masters of creativity now have lost the esteem.Not to forget that 2 head lights are penalized by default for such accidents.

Here are couple of such victims .

TN 29 N 2538 :



TN 29 N 2532




TNSTC at Attibele toll

Clicks by Ramachandran Palaniramu.

To start with our Hero SETC bound to Tanjore getting ready for a race with KSRTC Trichy bound.

SETC TN 01 AN 0075 ( TAJ B 874) and KSRTC’s RH KA 40 F 772 both bound towards Trichy.


TN 23 N 2254 of Arcot Depot Bangalore – Kalavai via Vellore direct service.


TN 29 N 2580 Salem – Bangalore 1 to 5.

1 to 5

TN 29 N 2208 of Denkanikottai depot Bangalore – Tiruvanamalai.


TNSTC Salem New Service

New Service from TNSTC Salem.

TNSTC Salem Meyyanoor Depot started to operate a new service salem to Coutrallam via Madurai, Rajapalayam,Tenkasi, This is the 4th service of TNSTC Salem crossing Madurai and moving to South Destination.

Depot : Meyyanoor
Type : Express
Route : Salem – Coutrallam
Via : Karur, Dindigul, Madurai, Srivilliputtur, Rajapalayam, Tenkasi.

Pics by GVijayan




Trip report of Pollachi-Parambikulam-Pollachi route

Trip Report – Pollachi-Parambikulam-Pollachi.

For the past 2 months, Pollachi and near by areas like Valparai, Topslip, Parambikulam received very good rains and few upstream dams are full and the downstream dams are having waters upto 80% of their storage capacity. Parambikulam dam is located right inside dense forest and travelling by bus will offer you a great view of that dam and lush greenish locaitons of two tiger reserves of TN and KL. It also includes some wild Safari ride in TNSTC in two Tiger sanctuaries. :)

Before few years, we had only one bus in Pollachi-Parambikulam stretch operated by Poy-2 depot of TNSTC-Coimbatore and later KSRTC’s Chitoor depot joined this with its bus from Palakkad(The dist HQ of Parambikulam). Though Parambikulam is in KL, you can reach it by road only via TN.

For past 2 or 3 years, i’m planning for a trip in the evening bus to Parambikulam and returning back in the same bus. This plan never took off due to various reasons. This time, i want to make it without much issues. Took the evening departure of TN43 N 0340 of Poy-2 depot to Parambikulam. The bus was totally free with few passengers on board and we occupied the second seat from the front left so that we can get a clear view of road and also any animals(if spotted). There was a huge traffic in Sethumadai-Topslip stretch due to long weekend.

The road was too narrow and many private car drivers were feeling tough to drive in that stretch. Our driver did well with the machine and we reached Topslip by 4:40 PM. Close to 50 people boarded the bus to Parambikulam. Driver was commenting to the conductor that “Enna nalla Vyabarama”.. :) In the morning trip they had close to 100 people and IMO that was really a huge turnout in this stretch. Reason for this is, not all private vehicles are allowed to go inside Parambikulam because of the restriction they have. So travellers use this evening trip for a safari ride.

In Topslip, TN forest dept has increased some amenities for tourists in Topslip. It now has proper parking areas along with Dist.PHC etc.,. Elephant ride was moved from an area in Parambikulam road(1 KM dist from TopSlip) to TopSlip main area itself. Not sure whether we get the same experience there as the older ride.

Slowly the bus started moving inside the dense forest of TopSlip and Parambikulam sactuaries.. Lot of peacocks spotted moving around. Topslip and Parambikulam areas are also famous for their Bamboo bushes and Teak wook trees. Parambikulam has the oldest Teak wood plantations and it also has 450 years old Kannimara Teak.

We reached Parambikulam by 5:40 PM. We saw some Sambar deer, Gaurs etc., When so many people boarded the bus in TopSlip, i thought the same crowd will be coming back in our bus. My guess is correct and none of them got down from the bus when we reached Parambikulam. After enjoying cool breeze, animal spottings, Parambikulam dam, Valley view and above all, good fresh air, we returned back by 7:40 PM.

Some pics now..
TN43 N 0340 of Pollachi-2 depot waiting in Parambikulam for its evening departure to Pollachi.
TN43 N 0340

From my archives..
The Entrance to Topslip and Parambikulam..


A symbol of Interstate Co-Operation.. PAP project inaugurated by the then PM of India Jawaharlal Nehru..


About Kannimara Teak:




One of the few tunnel entries of PWD, TN and these are part of PAP project.


BTW, thanks for reading the long story.. :)

Trailer bus of TPTC in Tambaram-Chengalpet route Circa 1985

TPTC Thanthai Periyar Transport Corporation current TNSTC Villupuram operated this l…… bus in famous route 60 Tambaram – Chengelpet. Unknown media clip preseved by our Justin Raja Pandian sir. Thanks a trillion sir for preserving this treasure for these years.

Thanks to the unknown media too, it have mentioned its number TML – 8822 Route No T60V, note the pic it has seperate round for T symbol to mention it as trailer, the news person has mentioned it as Mini Rail on road.

Treasure preserved by Justin Raja Pandian Sir, Thisayanvilai, Tirunelveli Dt, Tamilnadu.

TPTC Thanthai Periyar Transport Corporation.



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