Flashback: TNSTC-Tirunelveli’s Madurai to Nagercoil BPR built by SETC

In addition to Madurai to Nellai BPRs, we also had Madurai to Nagercoil BPR. Though we had many buses in this route, this particular bus standout from the crowd..

Reasons below..

  • Body built by SETC.
  • Comfortable bucket type seats.
  • Design is unique and these SETC built buses were there with Madurai and Nellai divisions only.
  • Finish was well above rest of the private/TNSTC built buses.
  • Vinyl flooring done similar to AshLey SLFs in Madurai/CBE/Chennai.
  • Moreover, this is the only bus which had hanging mirrors in this period.
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