Flashback: Only TATA Bus built by Dindigul region

To our knowledge, TNSTC-Madurai’s Dindigul region didnt have any TML with them. Infact before 4-5 years, TNSTC-Madurai received good number of TML buses. But all of those were retained in Madurai region and none were seen running with Virudhunagar/Dindigul regions.

TN58 N 2113. This is little unique as this was built by Vathlagundu body building unit of Dindigul region. Though they didnt own any TML, they built this and sent it to Madurai region. This is one very long runner which ran in Tirupur-Nagercoil route. Typical running pattern of this bus was Madurai-Tirupur-Nagercoil-Madurai. With few hours rest, they will start the trip again.

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