Flashback: Last and First of TNSTC-Coimbatore

Wondering what is last and first of TNSTC-Coimbatore? Here we go..

Last Colorful bus of TNSTC-Coimbatore

TN38 N 2610 – This is the last of bus of TNSTC-Coimbatore’s Coimbatore region to be part of colorful journey over many decades.

  • Built by CEC
  • Had Orange+Gold livery. This particular design from CEC and started with 25XX series and ended with 27XX series.
  • Owned by Ukkadam-1 depot and now HOB.
  • This bus never sticked to single route when it was with 3X2 configuration. Generally this was used as Special bus. Have seen it running in Coimbatore-Madurai, Coimbatore-Chennai, Coimbatore-Pollachi/Palani/Udumalpet, Masaniamman temple to Madurai during Ammavasai time.
  • For short period it ran in Coimbatore to Dindigul via Pollachi with permanent stickers
  • Currently it is converted as city bus and is with HOB running in 26A route.

First bus with Uniform livery of TNSTC-Coimbatore

  • Built by CEC
  • Had the same design as the last colorful bus of Coimbatore region
  • Ran in Coimbatore to Sivakasi via Dharapuram, Madurai. 2612 also ran in same route.
  • Owned by Ondipudhur-1 Depot.
  • Had Ivory + Maroon share and moved to green color.
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