Change in ERAL – CHENNAI Bus Timings

Earlier this year SETC added its ERAL to CHENNAI bus in online for the benefit of passengers.

Now the bus timings has been changed. Chennai Thiruvotriyur to Thiruchendur bus is running on this schedule and the departure timings are as follows

Departure Timings from Chennai

CHENNAI CMBT – 19:00 (7.00 PM)

Departure Timings from Thiruchendur

TIRUCHENDUR – 16.00 (4.00 PM)
ERAL – 17.00 (5.00 PM)
THOOTHUKUDI – 17.45 (5.45 PM)

So passengers from ERAL can travel now till Chennai Thiruvotriyur in the same bus.

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2 thoughts on “Change in ERAL – CHENNAI Bus Timings

  1. Your crew picked fight and use abusive language with a truck driver in Bangalore today.Forgettingthe passengers.Also running the stereo with high volume.Not caring the request.i am in the bus now.


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