New Service from TNSTC Thirunelveli

On MGR 100 years celebration which happened in Thirunelveli, Our CM has inaugurated a new service from Thirunelveli to Keezhapavur. Hope the service will get famous among people.

Keezhapavur (கீழப்பாவூர்) is a panchayat town in Tirunelveli district in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

It is located exactly 42 km from Tirunelveli West and 12 km from Tenkasi east and 6 km from Surandai South 1 km away from Tirunelveli – Tenkasi Highway Near city to Keelapavoor are Pavoorchatram, Tenkasi and Surandai.

About Keezhapavur

Keelapavoor has the highest number of rice mills in the South District of Tamil Nadu. Keelapavoor is most famous for its rice production There are around 30- 60 rice mills The town supplies rice to various towns in Tamil Nadu, various states and even various countries.

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