SETC to Introduce Modern Buses on Pongal Festival

SETC state Owned Express wing going to introduce Ultra Modern Luxury buses on Pongal festival commencing on January 2017. 200 New Chassis have been allotted for SETC in this majority of the buses will be in modern look and on par with private operators. New Executive 2 + 1 Maharaja seats, Semi Sleepers and AC buses would be deployed to stop higher fare structures in Private omni segmnet and benefit public.

News Source : The Hindu


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2 thoughts on “SETC to Introduce Modern Buses on Pongal Festival

  1. Gov bus setham aadaya yaru karanam? Athula pora passengers thana….. Yenatha gov neriya scheme koduthalum atha waste panuraga.. Athu oru rules koduvatha bus safe irukum..
    Rules: passenger yarum mundaiya busa check pannam conductor.. All facilities are good ND working.. Passenger epo departure aaguralo thirubayum check pannanuga.. Apadi ethum damage irutha fine panuka.. Etha rules koduvatha gov bus s all equal to private bus


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