Karnataka -TN border opens for traffic after a month

Vehicular movement along the border of Karnataka and Tamil Nadu, which had been suspended for almost a month near Hosur in the wake of the Cauvery water sharing dispute, has finally resumed on Wednesday. The inter-state transport between Karnataka and Tamil Nadu had been stopped and vehicle with Karnataka registration numbers (KA) were allowed to ply till Hosur and had to return while those coming from Tamil Nadu side (TN) had to return from Atthibele near Hosur since the trouble broke out over the Cauvery issue.

But for the first time in the last 29 days, vehicles including cars and trucks with KA registration numbers were able to enter Jujuvadi near Hosur. However, the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) buses are yet to resume their operations inside Tamil Nadu. Vehicles with TN registration numbers entered Atthibele on the Karnataka side from Wednesday morning.

The bus services remain suspended, as Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation officials said a decision on resuming the services could be taken only after monitoring the situation. From 06-10-2016 today morning TNSTC SETC Services resumed after a long 29 days. SETC buses were spotted near Shanthinagar Bus station. Commuters are happy that bus service resumed after a month. Hope everything will be fine and people who commuting between states for Pooja Holidays wont be in trouble.

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3.33 E City Express

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