Return Services from SETC available for online reservation

SETC Services towards KL and few inside TN like Dharmapuri, Erwadi, Periakulam had reservation from Chennai and their return services didnt have online reservation enabled in site. Recently they got added to online reservation. We have got those services came recently for online reservation and their chennai timings are also listed below.

Kottarakara to Chennai :- 3:00 PM
Chennai to Kottarakara :- 3:00 PM
Trichy to Kottarakara :- 8:00 AM, 8:30 PM
Kottarakara to Trichy :- 8:45 AM, 8:45 PM
Kozhikode to Sencottah :- 7:30 PM
Kozhikode to Salem :- 7:30 PM
Kozhikode to Tiruchendur :- 8:45 PM
Sencottah to Kozhikode :- 2:00 PM, @Madurai; 7:15 PM
Salem to Kozhikode :- 10:00 PM
Tiruchendur to Kozhikode :- 3:15 PM, @Madurai; 8:30 PM
Pathanamthitta to Chennai :- 2:00 PM
Chennai to Pathanamthitta :- 4:00 PM
Trichy-BHEL to Nagercoil :- 8:00 AM, 8:00 PM
Nagercoil to Trichy-BHEL :- 9:00 AM, 10:00 PM
Periyakulam to Chennai :- 19:45 PM(Theni AC), 8:30:00 PM
Chennai to Periyakulam :- 20:30 PM
Kollam to Velankanni :- 4:15 PM, 5:00 PM(777T via Ramnad)
Velankanni to Kollam :- 4:15 PM, 5:00 PM(777T via Ramnad, Nellai)
Dharmapuri to Chennai :- 9:00 AM(AC), 10:00 PM(AC)
Chennai to Dharmapuri :- 1:15 PM(AC), 10:00 PM(AC)
Eruvadi to Chennai :- 3:00 PM
Chennai to Eruvadi :- 3:00 PM(Tuty service via ECR, Nagai, Ramnad), 7:10:00 PM

We havent seen Guruvayur based routes online. I hope they will add them soon.

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