TNSTC Blog 50 Lakhs Views Celebration

TNSTC Blog had reached a new milestone of 50 Lakhs Views Celebration. The Celebration begins for us and our Kind hearted viewers who made this possible. started on Feb 10 2010 and marching towards an endless journey. Six years of bonding we bloggers were united by TNSTC and now we are a family. People who admired our passion joined their hands with us slowly our family got big and still many are eager to mingle with us. Thanks to our senior peoples who poured their knowledge to us Selvan.K, Drowsarpandi, Sahadevan Vijayakumar. A big thanks to the platform SSC Skyscapercity which united us all. Many viewers Bus fans of our blog helped us to reach this level the journey will continue on.. these new achievements give us more responsibility to do better. Thanks to our viewers Meenatchi, Mastan Shariff, Naveen vijayakumar, Prem Sundar, Joyson Vasanthakumar, Amarnath Mech, Thamba Chidambaram, Sundaramoorthy Sakthivel, Tr.Raman, Nasir Hussain, PSB Arani. A big credits goes to my Team TNSTC Blog for this great achievements. Still miles to go get connected with us……………. 🙂 I apologize if i missed anyone.

50 L Celebration

50 Lakhs Celebration Graph

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