TNSTC Vellore New Ultra Deluxe on Vellore Chennai

Vellore Chennai one of the highest revenue sector of TNSTC Villupuram and it is fully dominated by TNSTC Vellore with having few services from TNSTC Kancheepuram. First Ultra Deluxe 2 x 2 pushback was introduced by TNSTC Kancheepuram Koyambedu 4 Depot on this route. Now TNSTC Vellore also Joined the race with its new Ultra Deluxe built by TNSTC Vellore Konavattam Body Building Unit. The introduction of new Ultra Deluxe / Super Deluxe buses the three main body building unit of TNSTC Villupuram Division tries to deliver better than each other. TNSTC Villupuram Panruti unit, TNSTC Kancheepuram Orikkai unit and TNSTC Vellore Konavattam unit. In our Opinion the last but the latest TNSTC Vellore Konavattam stands first in race with neat finishing of rear and front profile. The New Ultra Deluxe have replaced the existing ordinary 3 x 2 running on those time schedule.

Some Clicks of TNSTC Vellore Konavattam built 2 x 2 Ultra Deluxe.

Photos : Nagaraja.M (Superfast 444)

The Sibblings together TN23 N 2450 / 2451.

TN23 N 2450 2451 Sibblings on CMBT

TN23 N 2451 TNSTC Vellore with its rivalry TN21 N 1798 TNSTC Kancheepuram.

TN23 N 2451 with its rivalry TN21 N 1798

TN23 N 2451 of Konavattam 1 Depot Route 502 UD Vellore Chennai Super Fast Express.

TN23 N 2451

TN23 N 2451 on its departure.

TN23 N 2451 on its deapature.

Neatly Furnished on Rear side and the route board is on middle which gives clear view for passengers.

Neatly furnished rear.

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5 thoughts on “TNSTC Vellore New Ultra Deluxe on Vellore Chennai

  1. These Ultra deluxe services don’t have any fixed timing as of now.
    Once they are getting loaded in either Vellore or CMBT , they are OUT for journey.


    • But suggest to Remove the Tag sticked on the bus ” SUPER FAST ” there is no meaning of this as personally travelled on 9/6/2016 from Chennai to Vellore – Started at 1.00 P.M. and surprised to reach Vellore at 04.10 P.M compared to other buses reaches within in the TNSTC language “” 150 MINUTES””””. !!!!!!!!!!!??????????


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