New SLF type buses of TNSTC-Madurai

In 8-Feb-16 inauguration, TNSTC Madurai has added 8 new SLF kind of buses built on TML chassis. TNSTC Blog covered the same in the post New SLF City buses from 8-Feb Inauguration.

Some more buses got added after February inauguration. On 21-Apr-16, 5 more buses were standing at Madurai south RTO for registration. These buses are built by Madurai’s BBU with body looking similar to AshLey JNNURM SLFs running in Madurai city. They have digital boards in front and rear. Floor height and number of steps are not same as SLFs and there is no air suspension as well and these are required for an SLF. Old city express services had bucket type SLF seats and heigh and number of steps are similar to these new buses and they charged city express fares instead of SLF fares. Since the bodies of these new buses looks like an SLF, these are charging SLF fare.

Following are the pictures of those buses.


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