Madras Transport Department Tickets on circa 1960’s

In Independent India on 1956 the states were reorganised on the basis of language spoken by people in different regions of the nation. when Madras Rajdhani was reorganised and after part of Karnataka and Andhra region were segregated and remaining part of the region was named as state of Madras. Hence the Government Bus Service was changed as State Transport Department. The Kanyakumari Distict which was under Thiruvithamkoor (Travancore) regime was also merged with state of Madras. The buses running under Thiruvithamkoor regime were also merged with State Transport Department, Madras. Madras Transport Department was survived between 1956 – 1967. In 1967 The State of Madras was renamed as Tamil Nadu by then Chief Minister of the state Mr.Annadurai and hence ‘Madras State Transport Department’ was renamed as ‘Tamil Nadu State Transport Department’.

The Nostalgia Ticket was shared by our Admin Subramanian Ram in 2013 taken from Delcampe website. searched a lot and at last found this treasure now. Madras State Transport Department ticket which issued at counters. Before Nationalization of Private Operators run in Tamil Nadu all ticket were booked in counters only. Every Private Company and Government also had Ticket booking agents for their operations. Tickets have been purchased only in counter before the departure of buses. The duty of the conductor is to check the tickets and seat the pax. He will issue tickets only for the intermediate pax who board in between. Only Express have to be booked with END to END pax other services should give preferences to intermediate pax. If Trip sheet is checked by RTO and found it is booked with end pax fine will be imposed.

Madras Transport Department Tickets

10 Paise Express Ticket.

Madras Transport Department 10 Paise Express Ticket

60 Paise Express Ticket.

Madras Transport Department 60 Paise Express Ticket

3 Rupees Express Ticket.

Madras Transport Department 3 Rupees Express Ticket

One Such Booking counter is still in Thoothukudi old Busstand, now its converted as Child feeding center. Till 2004 the counters had rails for Passenger Que system. Tickets to all nearby Places Kovilpatti, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Srivaikundam, Eral, Periyathalai, Sivagiri, Sankarankovil, Vembar, Vilathikulam. The building had total 11 counters for booking tickets. Till Nationalization of Private Buses in TamilNadu these booking counters were too busy from 4 A.M. to 11 P.M. after take over of privates these counters were slowly lost its charm and it was used by crews as rest room till 2008 and later taken over by Thoothukudi Corporation.

Ticket Booking Counter in Thoothukudi Clicked around 2013.

Thoothukudi Ticket Counter

Thoothukudi Ticket Counter_1

Thoothukudi Ticket Counter_2

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