PRC Pandiyan Roadways Corporation

The Pandiyan Roadways Corporation Ltd. ( presently Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation ( Madurai) Ltd, Madurai Region), came into existence from 17.01.1972 on account of nationalization of buses of the private operators as per the 1971 Act. The fleet of 346 buses along with the Depots and workmen were taken from M/s Southern Roadways Private Ltd, Madurai.

This corporation was formed under Companies Act. The name of Pandiyan Roadways Corporation was changed to Tamil Nadu State Transport Corporation (Madurai Div I) LTD on 1997. PRC Pandian the identity of Madurai., the silver colored city buses was a treasure for many bus fan. The crews on that days took it as a pride to work on every corporation of Tamil Nadu. Crews were treated more respect than today’s scenario.

The PRC Pandiyan Roadways Corporation bus in the pic is TATA still people from Transport call it as Benz due to the attachment they have towards Motor. TML 6058 of Thiruparankundram Depot on Route No 5 the board shows Aringar Anna Nagar but present day 5 runs between Thirunagar – Mattuthavani via Harveypatti, Thiruparankundram, pasumalai, palanganatham, Vasanthanagar, Simmakkal, Goripalayam, Thallakulam, Court, Poo Market. Experts throw some lights on the yesteryear’s route and its function.

The Photo was shared by Conductor Mr.Arul who got retired now, with his prior permission we are sharing it for our beloved Bus Fans.

An Expert view Mr.K.Selvan shared some info about this bus after seeing this post we are updating it for our viewers.

Thanks for publishing pic of one more PRC city bus. This bus (TML-60xx series) was inaugrated during 1985-86. Those times TPK depot was having 100% TML buses. This depot used to get new TML buses frequently as routes 5 & 14 were very popular those times and frequency was also very good (once in 10 minutes).

Originally route no.5 was from Periyar BS to Thirupparankundram (TPK). Based on the advice from PTC, Chennai, PRC combined some city bus routes. Thus no.5 was combined with 3B (Periyar BS – Anna Nagar) and 5 started running from TPK to Anna Nagar via. Periyar BS, Simmakkal & Anna BS. At that time all the Trichy, Karaikudi, Rameshwaram and other NE & East bound buses were operated from Anna BS. Since no.5 touched both the Periyar BS and Anna BS, it was always crowded. When Anna BS was closed and buses shifted to Mattuthavani, route no.5 was altered some proceeding to Mattuthavani and some proceeding to Anna BS. The buses proceeding to Anna Nagar was renumberd as 5AN. Another popular route at that time was route no.14 from Thirunagar to Anna Nagar via. TPK, Periyar BS, Therkuvasal and Anna BS.

All the PRC city buses registered in TML 6xxx series had lengthy route indication board. This practice was discontinued when bus registration started in TN-59 series.


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