TNSTC Kumbakonam Navagraha Temple Special Bus Service

During Kumbakonam Mahamaham the pilgrims will visit nearby Navagraha temples. To Benefit the Pilgrims TNSTC Kumbakonam operated Special buses from Chidambaram to Navagraha temples almost covering all the places except Thingaloor Chandran (Moon) Temple. This service starts from Chidambaram connecting.

1. Vaitheeswarankoil – Angaraka (Sevvai) The Mars 3rd Navagraha Temple
2. Thiruvenkadu – Budan The Mercury 4th Navagraha Temple
3. Keezhaperumpallam – Kethu 9th Navagraha Temple
4. Thirunallar – Sani The Saturn 7th Navagraha Temple
5. Thirunageswaram – Raghu 8th Navagraha Temple
6. Alangudi – Guru (Vyazhan) The Jupiter 5th Navagraha Temple
7. Suriyanar Koil – Suryan The Sun 1st Navagraha Temple
8. Kanjanoor – Sukran (Velli) The Venus 6th Navagraha Temple

and returns to chidambaram the only temple it left out was 2nd Navagraha Temple Thingaloor Chandran (Moon). This service benefited a lot of Pilgrims during Mahamaham. The crews, Local peoples and Pilgrims demands the service should be run regularly connecting all Navagraha Temples. Crews says it benefited not only pligrims but also TNSTC the revenue of this buses were good during the seasonal time and in non peak days also. Similar services should be run from Kumbakonam, Trichy, Mayiladuthurai also.

TN68 N 0281 of Chidambaram Depot Route Chidambaram – Kanjanoor Navagraha Temple Special Bus Service.

TN68 N 0281 of Chidambaram Depot Route Chidambaram - Kanjanoor

TN68 N 0281

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