Nanjil Icon of SETC

Nanjil well known by bus fans and people of Kanyakumari District., the name itself say who he is. The icon fame of SETC. Nanjil the name well known for its promised time on Nagercoil – Chennai route with 12 hrs running time and some times it reaches in 11 hrs too. When every new set of buses flagged off for SETC Nanjil gets a set of new bus as its the pride of Nagercoil Depot. On March 01 2016 12 new AC buses flagged for SETC and Nagercoil Depot got one pair. we people were expecting this and waited for the day when Nanjil would be stickered big on side glasses. As expected the crews have done a wonderful job by sticking Nanjil bold on side. some pics of the Brand new Nanjil AC.

Photos : Nagaraja.M (Super Fast 444), Sree.

After long run crews inspect the bus this shows their dedication towards their work.

TN01 AN 1327 NGL C430 of Nagercoil Depot Route H198 Nagercoil – Chennai Nanjil AC.

Timings | Nagercoil : 18:00 | Chennai : 18:00 | Fare Rs.630/-


Nanjil AC of Nagercoil Depot with Minnal 2 of Tirunelveli 2 Depot.





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4 thoughts on “Nanjil Icon of SETC

  1. i came in the same bus above on 17th April 2016(Nagercoil to Chennai). Bus departed at Nagercoil by 6.10PM and reached Chennai by 6.15PM. Bus went to Madurai Bus Stand. Bus topped upto 86KM/hr. 80 Km speed was maintained by both drivers.


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