Tamil Nadu State Transport Bus in 1969

In 1944 the British led Central government appointed a committee to analyse and report on status of the public transport in country. The committee found that majority of private operators aiming profit and ignoring public. It forwarded it report to the government in 1946 to nationalise all routes in country for better transport to nation. The Government of India issued an order to all its states to nationalise transport sector.

on the basis of the order issued by central government., The Madras Rajdhani Government passed an order on 1947 to nationalise the private city buses running in capital City Madras. As per the order of government, all bus service operated in Madras gradually nationalised on 1948 and named as Government Bus service.

In Independent India on 1956 the states were reorganised on the basis of language spoken by people in different regions of the nation. when Madras Rajdhani was reorganised and after part of Karnataka and Andhra region were segregated and remaining part of the region was named as state of Madras. Hence the Government Bus Service was changed as State Transport Department. The Kanyakumari Distict which was under Thiruvithamkoor (Travancore) regime was also merged with state of Madras. The buses running under Thiruvithamkoor regime were also merged with State Transport Department, Madras.

The Policy of Nationalisation of Transport service which came into force in 1947 was not widely accepted in principle, The government which came in 1967 nationalised all buses running in Madras city without extending their permits for further operation. The State of Madras was renamed as Tamil Nadu by then Chief Minister of the state Mr.Annadurai and hence ‘State Transport Department’ was renamed as ‘Tamil Nadu State Transport Department’.

In 1968 the Government of Tamil Nadu appointed a committee to analyse the efficiency of Tamil Nadu State Transport Department. The Committee directed that Transport Department should not be under the control of government and it should be independent to serve public efficiently with its economic and service objectives.

The Government of Tamil Nadu on the basis of above recommendation issued an order on November 1971, the erstwhile Tamil Nadu State Transport Department vehicles and administration operated in Madras and chengalpattu brought under the companies act 1956 and named as Pallavan Transport Corporation on 01.01.1972. This is the starting of individual transport corporation and end of Tamil Nadu State Transport Department TNSTD.

This write up was done by me. Original write up of the article was taken while surfing on google thanks to that unknown author, crossed checked it with many peoples of Transport who worked in government and private operators (1960). Thanks to the retired people of Transport Sectors who gave many inputs about the operations on 1960 periods and nationalisation of Transport sector.

An Erstwhile Tamil Nadu State Transport Department Mercedes Benz Bus on Madras Road. Thanks to Vinothkumar Kandasamy for sharing this pics., taken from an unknown tamil film old collection.

Tamil Nadu State Transport Bus in 1969.

Tamil Nadu State Transport Bus in 1969


Tamil Nadu State Transport Bus in 1969



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