102 S Siruseri Sipcot – Vellore by Kalpakkam Depot

TNSTC Vellore showed its aggressiveness and connected OMR specially Shollinganallur with Vellore and Bengaluru and some TSS Time Saving Services in other routes from Vellore. After waking up TNSTC Kancheepuram Kalpakkam depot added an opposite service for vellore from Siruseri Sipcot via Shollinganallur, Medavakkam, Tambaram, Manimangalam, Sriperumbudur. This increases the number of service in shollinganallur – Vellore stretch. With an depot close to OMR at Kalpakkam., TNSTC Kancheepuram can introduce new services instead of a competition with its fellow region.

New Routes can be operated from Kalpakkam Depot.

Shollinganallur – Tiruvannamalai.
Shollinganallur – Trichy.
Shollinganallur – Kumbakonam.
Shollinganallur – Tiruttani.
Sholinganallur – Tirupathi ( weekends )
Sholinganallur – Nellore ( weekends)
Shollinganallur – Pondy ( weekends )

If these weekends services got popular among public and on demands it can be make as regular service.

Picture Credit : Vinothkumar Kandasamy.

TN21 N 1786 of Kalpakkam Depot Route 102 S Siruseri Sipcot – Vellore via Shollinganallur, Tambaram, Manimangalam, Sriperumbudur.

TN21 N 1786 of Kalpakkam Depot Route 102 S Siruseri Sipcot - Vellore via Shollinganallur, Tambaram, Manimangalam, Sriperumbudur.

102 S

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13 thoughts on “102 S Siruseri Sipcot – Vellore by Kalpakkam Depot

  1. I kindly request the Kalpakkam Depot people to first arrange buses for Kalpakkam passengers rather than giving importance to other places. Thousands of people are struggling to reach Kalpakkam, as the ECR bus conductors are not allowing the Kalpakkam passengers to board the bus during weekends.


  2. This service can be re chalked and start from Thiruporur. Thiruporur to Vellore would be a nice route and will benefit all commuters right from students, office goers, tourists, devotees, etc., Concerned authorities need to look at this.


  3. Even a short service from Vandalur Zoo to Walajabad will be a good starter
    Thereafter extend from Kelambakkam to Kanchipuram
    and further from Mamallapuram / Tiruporur to Vellore


    • It would be a great, if there is bus service from Kanchipuram to OMR (Thiruvanmayur) . Already there is a bus service to Adayar which runs through Tambaram and Velacher has benefited lot of people and the Bus was almost full before its departure.


  4. Thanks for this Bus Service, Really very useful route, since Shozhinganallur service always full and passengers struggling to get seat for a long journey. More Bus service and frequency of service must increase in this route.


  5. TSS service Bangalore / Hosur to sholinganallur via vandalur kelambakkam is nice idea. Unless the bus timings are circulated well we cant expect patronage. I hope this blog will help many to visit. General TNSTC bus timings from vellore to Tambaram to be made avaialble. – NARASIMHALU


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