Long Distance TNSTC Express Bus Timings from Kancheepuram

Long Distance TNSTC Express Bus Timings from Kancheepuram Bus Station, TNSTC Buses running to Madurai, Trichy, Salem and Interstate services to Pondy, Bengaluru timings have been updated. Thanks to Vignesh for collecting the timings from Kanchi.

Click on the image for Enlarged view.

Kancheepuram Timings

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8 thoughts on “Long Distance TNSTC Express Bus Timings from Kancheepuram

  1. Dear Admin, According to the bus timings @ Kancheepuram, Thiruthuraipoondi has to be placed instead of Thiruvarur. Because This Routes 234C and 234D Starts from Thiruthuraipoondi. And These both buses belongs to Thiruthuraipoondi Branch exclusively. these pairs got brand new from this Feb inaugral 2016


  2. Hi…

    In this bus timings , 07.10 and 13.45 Thanjavur(as mentioned) is not correct.
    07.10 – Kanchipuram Mannargudi via Kumbakonam
    13.45 – Kanchipuram Kumbakonam via Tindivanam Panruti.


  3. Dear admin while appreciating the efforts in this regards I have a point to be clarified. . It is mentioned as tiruchy via tinidvanam,vandavasi mentioned in tamil but in english it is mentioned as tiruvannamali via vandavasi and tinidvanam. Kindly make necessary change and update. thanks


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