TNSTC Nanjil Raja Travel Review

Travel review of TNSTC Nanjil Raja Nagercoil Chennai

Write up by Vivek Richard a die hard fan of TNSTC Nagercoil a.k.a Nesamony.

TNSTC Nagercoil Express

Nagercoil – Chennai in Nanjil Raja
Ranithotam 2 Depot
555- UD ( TN 01 AN 0334)
Ex SETC ( Kollencode – Chennai )
Driver Raja and Raj

After hearing lot of stories about TTC Nanjil Raja , I was sad tat I can’t get him nu because it existed before 1995 I think – TNSTC NGL suddenly came with a Nanjil Raja tag using d rival tag to come against SETC Nanjils becoz after d 300km rule SETC well established their Nanjil brand in d last 4yrs so in order to survive d competition TNSTC came with nanjil raja tag, so finally here it is my Nanjil raja travel review( its a ex SETC bus people can’t identity him easily so they have to use tag now which wt SETC doing in current situation) Seen d bus @ NGL vadasery bs @5.40 am ready to move rushed towards him n boarded s bus @5.45…5.50 left d bus slowly entered 4lane @6.20 den moved in 70-80 till valliyur entered valliyur bs @6.35 – moved by 6.45 after entering d 4 lane started to ripe…pick-up level of d bus was not bad not good its normal……suddenly TN 74 N 1750 Marthandam – Coimbatore Tiruvatar depot bus over taked us can’t Chase him…, moving in normal 80+ crossed tirunelveli by 7.35pm …here started d fury overtaked each n every TNSTC / SETC bus in the road entered kovilpati at 8.15pm left by 8.20pm reached d sattur aryas motel by 8.35 had a 20min break in d motel 5.15pm SETC Nanjil 3 n Nagercoil – Bangalore bus is present….

Started by 8.55 second driver took d bus maintained stiff 80+ sometimes in d level of 90-95 before crossing thirumangalam overtaked SETC ,thisai marah paravai n vasantham 2 bus n crossed thirumangalam by 9.50pm skipped d bye pass n entered in to d city even after 10pm Madurai traffic is little high managed to reach MIBT by 10.30pm – with 30min inside kk guys ( H287, Nanjil 3, TVM – HWR,) r d important buses in MIBT Nanjil 3 left by 10.40 , TVM HWR by 10.50. , H287 left by 10.55) @10.50 MTM vanavil arrived ,10.55 trisea arrived we left by 11pm with 40pax reached d 4Lane by 11.15 maintained steady 80 seen d kulasekaram H 287 bus pushed little high n overtaked him in 85+ this is only SETC bus which gave a tough fight – @12.55 Crossed trichy. …from here heavy traffic in tolls don no y even its no a Sunday n8 each n every toll taking morethan 10+ minutes finally came to samayapuram toll by 1.25am for a bio break driver change.

started again at 01:30 1st driver, Raja on wheels he tried with his maximum overtaking all buses v overtaked nanjil 3, TVM new Highway rider AN 1102 in a toll don know wt place I thought they will race with us but they gave up,…with a slowly moving in toll traffic reached vikravandi motel fr a 10min break @4am had a 10min break 4.10 driver raj on wheels maintained 80-90…entered dindivanam 4.35 n left by 4.40am..den k got little sleepy @dindivanam n @chengelpet toll little traffic too, @6.20 reached perungalathur n reached tambaram @6.30 from here rough 1 hr to CMBT reached Chennai CMBT 7.30 …

Class performance by TNSTC Nanjil Raja in spite of heavy traffic TVM highway rider reached with us no sign of Nanjil 3 till 7.45 in CMBT…… Now badly waiting fr a TNSTC NGL In-house body built deluxe TN 74N bus…. Thanks for reading.

TNSTC Nanjil Raja

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