Online Booking now available for 882UD Sivakasi Bengaluru

SETC has started a new service from 25-01-2016 connecting Sivakasi to Bengaluru.Online reservation for this service has been enabled from today (29-01-2016) . Online Booking opened for 882UD Sivakasi – Bengaluru, you can book from both ends. You can also book for Virudhunagar also to and fro. As the bus starts from sencottah in trip code it will be mentioned as 1600 starting time from sencottah. In additional you can book Virudhunagar – Bengaluru in 870UD also.

Bookings from Sivakasi / Virudhunagar to Bengaluru.
Tripcode : 1600SHEBAN | Sivakasi : 19:00 | Virudhunagar : 19:30
From Virudhunagar one more service is also for booking 870UD Kovilpatti – Bengaluru Tripcode : 1845TIUBAN | Timing : 20:50

Booking from Bengaluru to Virudhunagar / Sivakasi
Tripcode : 1900BANSHE | Bengaluru : 19:00

882 UD Sivakasi - Bengaluru

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