SETC Nostalgic Offline Tickets

SETC Nostalgic Offline Tickets which was preserved by Bharathy Ram thanks for preserving this and sharing with us. Thanks to Senthil Prakash.R, Vinothkumar Kandasamy and Hariharan Sreedharan for sharing their memories.

* Introduced on 2000
* Booked offline till last of 2007 you can book tickets from your Origins.
* Booked in a single or a group.
* Issued only in SETC Booking counters
* Tickets came in Green, Pink, Blue and Light Orange shades.
* Every Ticket had an advert behind it popular ones on the cities some of them Sree Devi Silks, Chennai Silks, MGM, Athisayam.

The ticket here issued for a group travel of 5 persons between Kumbakonam Tambaram, see back of the ticket what a Business tactics by SETC if you book a ticket you can get a free ticket in MGM Dizee world on Buy 1 Get 1 Free basis. TTC / SETC are the masters of innovations in 90 itself by introducing computerised tickets, ac waiting hall.

SETC Offline Ticket

SETC Offline Ticket

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2 thoughts on “SETC Nostalgic Offline Tickets

  1. classic, i still remember when the super deluxe was first introduced the tickets resemble airline ticket like a booklet.
    We used to go to the parrys bus stand first floor to book the computerised ticket. Computers were not found at all places.
    Later on TTC booking was made available at Tnagar bus stand.
    We used to book the ticket for 12pm Chennai nagercoil bus, it will take the beach road santhome adayar route instead of saidapet guindy route, that time santhome adayar route was considered as bypass or less congested.
    12 pm super deluxe will reach Nagercoil by 4 am . Nostalgic moment


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