TNSTC-Madurai’s Coimbatore to Sivakasi via Pollachi

In April 2012, Srivilliputhur depot of TNSTC-Madurai’s Virudhunagar region added a Srivilliputhur to Coimbatore route via Madurai, Palani, Pollachi. This was the second service to Pollachi from srivilliputhur. We have a two decade old Rajapalayam depot bus doing Sankarankovil-Rajapalayam-Pollachi via Madurai, Palani. This was a pleasant surprise during that time. After few months of introduction, there were some change in the route. They started operating this as Srivilliputhur to Coimbatore via Sivakasi. To my knowledge its very rare to see a bus in Srivilliputhur to Madurai section taking Sivakasi route.

Meanwhile, TNSTC-Coimbatore Ukkadam-1 depot added a Coimbatore to Sankarankovil/Rajapalayam route via Pollachi, Palani, Madurai, Srivilliputhur. After few months of introduction this route was modified to run as Coimbatore to Sivakasi via Pollachi, Palani.

Few interesting facts about this Virudhunagar region’s Sivakasi to Coimbatore service via Madurai, Pollachi are..

  • Operated by Srivilliputhur depot
  • Started with TN67 N 0774 and now TN67 N 0849 is operation.
  • Initially started via Sempatti route and later started running via Dindigul bye pass route.
  • Operating pattern of this bus are
    • Srivilliputhur to Rajapalayam
    • Rajapalayam to Coimbatore via Pollachi. With close to 50 min halt at Madurai
    • Coimbatore to Sivakasi via Pollachi, Madurai. Rare to see direct Sivakasi board. Most of the time it carries Madurai as destination board. 🙂
    • Sivakasi to Srivilliputhur and Halt.
  • Timings(Onward journey)
    • Srivilliputhur to Rajapalayam
      • @Srivilliputhur: 6:15 AM. Arrival at Rajapalayam is 6:45 AM
    • Rajapalayam to Coimbatore:
      • @Rajapalayam – 6:50 AM
      • @Madurai – Arr: 9:20 AM, Dep: 10:10 AM
      • Arrival at Coimbatore(Ukkadam) – 3:30 PM
  • Timings(Return Journey)
    • Coimbatore to Sivakasi
      • @Ukkadam – 4:00 PM
      • @Pollachi – 5:05 PM
      • @Palani – 6:55 PM
      • @Madurai – 10:05 PM. 10 min rest.
      • @Sivakasi – Arr: 00:35 AM.
    • Sivakasi to Srivilliputhur
      • @Sivakasi – 00:40 AM.
      • @Srivilliputhur – 1:20 Am Halt

From our Archives..Bus which did the inaugural run of this route..



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2 thoughts on “TNSTC-Madurai’s Coimbatore to Sivakasi via Pollachi

  1. We expecting a direct day time bus from Coimbatore to Sankarankovil. Sankarankovil is the second largest town in Tirunelveli district but there is no importance given to this city by the transport dept connecting to the major cities of Tamilnadu comparing to Tenkasi. Main reason is Sankarankovil is located in the north end of the district. After 20 km, SH 41 entering to Virudhunagar district. If any new service started by Sankarankovil depot, it will be blocked by TNSTC MDUs Rajapalayam officials. This is not the correct way. We people from Sankarankovil has to reach Rajapalayam which is the another districts destination and started journey from there. Lot of SETC buses operated from Shencottah to major cities also operated via puliyangudi and Sivagiri which can be diverted via Sankarankovil (dirrence of distance will be 5 km only).

    Moreover, there is no direct bus connectivity to Madurai and Chennai via Tirunelveli to Sankarankovil route. All the Chennai buses started from Tirunelveli is running via Kovilpatti only. Inbetween the locations of Tirunelveli and Sankarankovil (SH 41) route is dominated by private operators with full crowd. Hence our request is TNSTC has to divert some services from Tirunelveli to Madurai, Chennai via Sankarankovil route.


  2. Long route buses introduced from srivilliputhur is always unnecessarily changed to start from rajapalayam or sivakasi. there are some people aiming not to operate any buses from srivilliputhur for the benefit of people. I think that they are artificially creating reason that collection will be affected if long route buses operate directly from srivilliputhur. Sriviliputhur people to go to madurai always wait for bus from rajapalayam. sofar no buses from srivilliputhur to any cities in the north or eastern Tamilnadu. somebody has to find truth behind this will be good if somebody put the list of modified route which are introduced from srivilliputhur.


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