TNSTC Erode Body Building Unit, Erode 2 Depot.

TNSTC Erode Body Building Unit, Erode 2 Depot major depot of TNSTC Coimbatore Erode Region but it is located on Pallipalayam Namakkal District, TNSTC Erode Body Building Unit is famous for its new designs and aerodynamic models which its built on 90’s Period. As a Busfan and TNSTC Enthusiast everyone wish will be at least in lifetime they should visit this body building unit. Every TNSTC does good work with their BBU, but erstwhile Jeeva is famous for its designs and innovation. Jeeva Jet one of the famous product from this unit and many erode people will never forget in their life. Erode being a headquarters all long distance buses are still operated by TNSTC Coimbatore Erode Region only. SETC presence is low in this district., Jeeva name has been changed to TNSTC erode in 1996 itself but still people call this buses as (Jeeva) Jeeva Transport Corporation only. Thanks to Sakkarai Nathan fo his clicks.

TNSTC Erode 2 Depot.

TNSTC Erode 2 Depot


SETC 624 Udangudi Erode Tirunelveli Depot, Erode – Mysuru from Erode 2 Depot and Chennai – Erode resting inside Depot.


Maintenance Bay.

TNSTC Erode 2 Depot

After little mishap TN-33N-2991 got ready and standing inside Depot.


On Service Bay Erode – Chennai getting washed and TN-32N-2992 standing idle for maintenance work.

TNSTC Erode 2 Depot

A different try to click a Bus. 1c Entering Depot to fill its tummy.

TNSTC Erode 2 Depot

TNSTC Erode Pallipalayam Body Building Unit Famous for its Craftsmanship., New one are getting inside.

TNSTC Erode Pallipalyam Body Building Unit

TNSTC Erode Pallipalyam Body Building Unit

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