TNSTC service to Thengumarada

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Thengumarada is the ghat section that joins the Eastern Ghats with the Western Ghats in the Nilgiris. It is the corridor through which hundreds of elephants cross over from the western ghats to eastern ghats. The only road that connects Thengumarada is from Bhavanisaagar and cross river Moyar to reach the village. It is 110 kms from Coimbatore. Thengumarada is different quiet but prosperous village in the Western Ghats has many tales to narrate, including a huge settlement of Kannada-speaking Vokkaligas. Even its name is derived from Kannada: Thengu (coconut) and Mara (tree). Thengumarada from Kodanadu view point gives an understanding on how this village is located in a remote, disconnected hill region.

The road to Thengumarada offers a beautiful jungle safari experience to all those who trod upon it.While one side of the road throws an amazing view of the bhavanisagar dam, the other side is covered with mysterious deep forest.A wide variety of wild animals are seen crossing this road in order to reach the dam and this assortment includes – tiger (quite rare), leopard,wild boar,bear,elephant,black buck, sambhar deer, spotted deer(in plenty),striped hyena,feral buffalo and four horned antelope and a lot of bird species too.

Activities here include bird watching, trekking and river crossing.Two popular trekking trails from kodanadu view point and gettavaadi or thalaimalai reach thengumarada.The best season to visit this place is from October to February. Another small trekking trail to a peak called betmandhu leads through grass lands and sholas.The Moyar river is also suited for a good swim.

Thengumarahada lies inside dense forest in western ghats , it belongs to Kothagiri taluk . it is a highly dense and Reserved forest, only people of this village are allowed to go, common public is allowed only on Sunday and Wednesdays, only by car and two wheelers are strictly not allowed .Mettupalayam-II depot operates bus to this village, TN-43-N-0447 of Mettupalayam 2 Depot departs at 11.00 and 16.30 Hrs from Mettupalayam, there are two services per day . It gets filled as soon as it reaches Mettupalayam and departs immediately.

Thengumarada – Elan Adventures

TNSTC Info and Pics by Allwin Samuel Jebaraj.

TN-43N-0447 of Mettupalayam 2 Depot Mettupalayam – Thengumarada.

TN-43N-0447 Thengumarada


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