TNSTC Karur 1 & 2 Depots

TNSTC Karur Region which started its function from June 20 2013 taking over depots from its parent Region TNSTC Trichy. TNSTC Karur Head office Karur 1 & Karur 2 Depots are located in same compound. Some pics of the Depot complex clicked by Sakkarai Nathan.

Karur Regional Head Office

Karur 1 2 Depots_3

From the Entrance

Karur 1 2 Depots

Chennai – Karur SETC resting inside depot

Karur 1 2 Depots_7

Karur Region Learner Bus

Karur 1 2 Depots_6

FC unit

Karur 1 2 Depots_5

Karur 1 2 Depots_4

Workshop Area

Karur 1 2 Depots_2

Diesel Filling Point

Karur 1 2 Depots_1

Water Tanker

Karur 1 2 Depots_8

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