89 Kancheepuram – Nemili / Nemili – Arakkonam

TN-21N-0718 runs from Kancheepuram Region Kancheepuram Depot on 89 Kancheepuram – Nemili / Nemili – Arakkonam. At present bus running 7 trips per day , 3 Trips Kancheepuram to Nemili via Pallur, Attupakkam, Kilventakapuram., another 3 trips Nemili to Arakkonam via Kilventakapuram , Attupakkam. 1 trip Kancheepuram to Arakkonam. No direct buses from Kancheepuram – Nemili or Nemili – Arakkonam. Direct route from Kancheepuram – Nemili is via senthamangalam and Nemili – Arakkonam via Nagavedu. But in this two routes there is no direct government buses between these cities. There is a long demand from Public for many years to operate direct town bus, but its still pending. Hope Officials should soon introduce town buses between these places which will benefit a large numbers specially in peak hours.

Info & Pic : Kumar Raja, Nemili.

TN-21N-0718 of Kancheepuram Depot Route 89 Kancheepuram - Nemili

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