Vestibule buses registered in TN58(Madurai)

TNSTC-Madurai got 5 vestibules buses TN58 N 1147, 1149, 1159, 1161 and 1163 in early 2011 and 2 were transferred (1147 and 1149) to TNSTC-Salem and three buses (1159, 1161 and 1163) are with TNSTC-Madurai. In TNSTC-Salem, one each was shared among Salem and Dharmapuri regions initially. Now both the buses are running in Hosur.

Pictures: Ram, Sree and Dhandapani.

Vestibules with TNSTC-Salem:
TN58 N 1147 of Dharmapuri region/Hosur Nagar depot: This is the one of 2 vestible buses of entire TNSTC – Salem and the last one to be transferred to Hosur Town Depot . The transfer happened on the second week of SEP – 2014 . First it was tried on route 18 Hosur – Denkanikottai – Attibele but now only doing Hosur – Attibele . Before transfer this bus was serving #76 Salem – Tharamangalam.

Running in #6 Hosur – Attibele/Leyland unit -1 trailer/Vestibule.
6-TN58 N 1147 DRP/HM #6 Hosur - Attibele/Leyland unit -1 trailer

TN58 N 1147 DRP/HT doing Hosur - Attibele

TN58 N 1149 of Hosur Nagar depot in Melumalai-Hosur-Attibelle.
6 -TN58 N 1149 #6 Attibele - Melumalai

TN58 N 1149 DRP/HT Melumalai - Hosur - Attibele

Vestibules with TNSTC-Madurai:
In TNSTC-Madurai, one bus each was allotted to Nagar(Bye pass road city branch), Ponmeni and Thirumangalam depots. Nagar was operating in R.No 23E(Periar BS to Chatrapatti route), Ponmeni was running in R.No 75 Periar to Melur and the last one from Thirumangalam depot was operated in R.No 48Y Thirumangalam to Mattuthavani via Periar. At one point, all three buses were moved to R.No 48AD Thirumangalam to Arapalayam via Bye pass road. One bus of Nagar depot(1159) was operated in R.No 62B for shorter time and we shared it in this blog post already.

TN58 N 1159 of Nagar depot
When it was with original color and moved to 48AD route with one morning trip in his original route R.No 23E. This had full body advertisement for shorter time.

When it was running in R.No 62B.

Moved to 48AD permanently and running in this route now.
TN58 N 1159

TN58 N 1161 of Ponmeni depot. Original route was R.No 75 and later moved to 48AD. Now back to 75 again.

Towards its original route R.No 75 Periar to Melur.
TN58 N 1161 BSIII trailer of Ponemeni depot working #75 Periyar - Melur

TN58 N 1163, Vestibule bus of Thirumangalam depot. Allotted to R.No 48Y Thirumangalam to Mattuthavani and now in R.No 48AD Thirumangalam to Arapalayam.

TN58 N 1163

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