TNSTC Madurai city buses starting at Samayanallur

Samayanallur located in NH7 depends on Vadipatti/Sholavandhan based city buses for the regular commute to Periar BS or Mattuthavani. Recently Samayanallur got a new city bus route 28C connecting MIBT and it also got 29C connecting Periar BS. Few clicks of 29C and 28C.

TN58 N 2214 doing R.No 28C Mattuthavani to Samayanallur via Sellur.
TN58 N 2214

TN58 N 0811 of R.No 29C doing Samayanallur to Periar BS via Paravai, Guru Theater, Kaalavasal, Arasaradi.
TN58 N 0811

The rear view..
TN58 N 0811

The Bonus: TN58 N 1266 of Sholavandhan depot on its way to Anna BS in R.No 28 via Sholavandhan, Sellur. Possibly from Kuruvithurai?
TN58 N 1266

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