A Tribute to our MTC Heroes

A Tribute to our MTC Heroes.

The Heroes of Chennai Roads, we Team TNSTC Blog make a tribute to them for their ultimate run on Chennai. Carried lakhs and lakhs of commuters for the past 11 years and they are still strong roaring on road. These Shutter bodied Mono Windshield in front Buses came in starting of 2004 with registration numbers stating in TN-01N-39xx, 4000 Series. Now Some Buses are running in TNSTC Kumbakonam controlled area. when they came new had tags “மாநகர பேருந்து உங்கள் நண்பன்” MTC is your Friend “மாநகர பேருந்து மாசற்ற பேருந்து” MTC are Environamental Friendly. The Buses were Built in all units of TNSTC Except TNSTC Madurai. TNSTC Villupuram, TNSTC Salem, TNSTC Coimbatore, TNSTC Trichy built buses were rolled out in Chennai. A standing Icon of Durability with Ashok Leyland Chassis., Still they can take down any Modern Machines on road. As New Buses are rolling out every year in MTC these heroes will take a retirement soon. Before they RIP in Scrap Yards. Our wish to cover maximum of them on roads. A starting from this post soon other Shutter Beauties will also in your views.

TN-01N-4069 TAI 0019 of Tambaram Route 118 Tambaram – Maraimalai Nagar.

MTC Chennai

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4073 TAI 0020 of Tambaram Route 55C Tambaram – Mambakkam

MTC Chennai

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4087 ADI 0030 of Adyar Depot Route M7 T.Nagar – Thiruvanmiyur.

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4099 KNI 0112 of K.K.Nagar Depot Route 12G K.K.Nagar – Anna Square.

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4102 ADI 0115 of Adyar Depot Route M119A T.Nagar – Chemmenchery.

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4115 ADI 0128 of Adyar Depot Route M119A T.Nagar – Chemmenchery.

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4119 of TVI 0132 of Thiruvottriyur Depot Route 1 Thiruvottriyur – Thiruvanmiyur.

MTC Chennai

TN-01N-4205 of ADI 0203 of Adyar Depot Route 19 P Adyar – Kelambakkam.

MTC Chennai

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