Exclusive collection of CEC built buses of Dindigul region

Cheran Engineering Corporation(CEC) is the BBU of TNSTC-Coimbatore’s coimbatore region located at Pollachi. It has built buses for TNSTC-Coimbatore, TNSTC-Tirunelveli, SETC(Old TTC) etc., It has also built buses for other government departments like Police department, Agri university, TN fire services etc.,

CEC built buses got added to TNSTC-Madurai’s Dindigul and Madurai regions. Dindigul region buses are AshLey based buses and all of them are Intercity(Mofussil) buses. Whereas Madurai region buses as TML buses and all of them are city buses. We will also have an exclusive post covering CEC built Madurai city buses soon.

The below pictures are from our archives spanned from 2011 to 2015 and clicked by Arun, Dhandapani and Ram.

TN57 N 1697. of Palani depot heading to Dindigul via Oddanchatram, ReddiarChatram

TN57 N 1698 of Bodi depot
TN57 N 1698

TN57 N 1699 of Vathilai depot doing Madurai(Arapalayam) to Nilakottai via Sholavandhan.

Rear view of TN57 N 1699 of Vathlakundu depot. “10M Distance” sticker made me to click this.. This is actually a CEC built RMTC bus.

TN57 N 1701 with Modified face.
TN57 N 1701

TN57 N 1704, A CEC built bus of Palani depot on its way to Trichy.

TN57 N 1705 of Cumbum-2 depot
TN57 N 1705

TN57 N 1706 – Vathilai depot
TN57 N 1706

TN57 N 1707 of Bodi depot
TN57 N 1707 DGL/Bodi Bpdi - Theni/Madurai

When 1707 was doing Kumuli to Tirupur via Theni, Sempatti, Dharapuram and was with Cumbum-2 Depot

TN57 N 1708 of Cumbum-2 depot.
TN57 N 1708

@Trichy central waiting with Kumily board.

TN57 N 1710 of Palani depot built by CEC waiting for its departure to APA College.
Oct, 2015.
TN57 N 1710

Feb12, 2012

Aug1, 2012

Aug28, 2012

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