SETC Anadaparavai Chennai Kuttam

The Bird is New Now.

During this inauguration on October 12 2015, SETC got 202 new buses in that maximum interstate buses have been replaced and some Brand name ones like Nanjil, Vasantham, Vanavil, Rainbow Riders in Bengauluru sector got replaced with new ones. One among them is Anandaparavai Happy Bird also got replaced as usual Bird gets royal treat from Kuttam Village People. New Stickering works and 32″ Brand new LED TV have been installed by Kuttam People. Its pair got full length name on its side glasses he is yet to get that.

SETC Anandaparavai

TN-01AN-1086 CNB C376 of Chennai Central Depot  Route Chennai - Kuttam via Madurai, Tirunelveli.

SETC Anandaparavai

189 UD Chennai - Kuttam

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