New Route 279 [Tambaram—Polur] via-Kancheepuram,Arani

Route : Tambaram to Polur
Via : Kancheepuram,Cheyyar,Arani
Regn : TN-25-N-0029
Depot : Polur
Region: Tiruvannamalai

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5 thoughts on “New Route 279 [Tambaram—Polur] via-Kancheepuram,Arani

  1. This route initially started from Arani to Tambaram by Arani Depot, due to insufficient Driver & Conductors, the route is transferred to Polur Depot. Hence it is starting at 5.0 am at Polur and 5.50 am at Arani to Tambaram at 9.30 am From Tambaram it starts at 10.40 am and reaches Arani at 2.30. Again the Trip is starting from Arani to Tambaram not to Polur at 3PM (Prime route), reaches Tambaram at 6.45 pm and at 7.30 Pm from Tambaram to Arani at 11.15 pm then to Polur at 12.00 PM


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