TNSTC-VPM New service in Tambaram to Thiruttani Route

Route : Tambaram to Thiruttani
Via : Padappai,kanchipuram,Arakkonam
Regn : TN-21-N-1350
Depot : Orikkai

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2 thoughts on “TNSTC-VPM New service in Tambaram to Thiruttani Route

  1. Well, I don’t understand the logic behind these routes….

    1) Why Thiruthani bus from Tambaram need to go via Kancheepuram and Arakkonam. Instead it should go via Sriperumpudur and Tiruvallur. If they want to connect Arakkonam with Tambaram, it can take otherwise from Arakkonam to Thiruthani and from their via Sriperumpudur.

    2) First route is also I am kind of ok but completely couldn’t understand the logic behind Kancheepuram to Chidambaram (via Cheyyar, Arani, Thiruvannamalai and Panruti). Is this some existing route got extended upto Kancheepuram? Ideal route would be via Pondy and Thindivanam.

    If at all VPM Division or Kancheepuram Depot wants to introduce new buses to Kancheepuram, they need to introduce few buses to Tirupathi/ Thiruthani from Southern districts or from Delta area(assuming Vellore is getting saturated and this is short route).

    Also, for Tambaram along with 79 two more potential routes are there to be explored,

    1) One via Manimangalam road (they can even try 1-1 with no interim stoppings) with Padappai road getting too busy and existing road upto Walajabad is only two laned.
    2) Another one via Palur, SP Koil

    Both these will provide new road connectivity to Kancheepuram. HQ to his own district is only on paper, there is no major connectivity with his own district towns.


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