TNSTC to Ghost Town Dhanushkodi

TNSTC Bus ply to Ghost town Dhanushkodi., although route board has Dhanushkodi buses stops 10 Kms before at Mukundarayar Chathiram. from there Dhanushkodi is accessible only by 4 wheel drive Vans., now Central Government started the road work from Mukundarayar Chathiram to Dhanushkodi it will be completed in mid of 2016.

Once connected by rail to Rameshwaram and ravaged by a cyclone in 1964, Dhanushkodi was a bustling fishing hamlet; today, it is a ghost town. Accessed by four-wheeled drive vans that tackle a cross-country course over sand and surf, the bumpy safari from Mukundarayar Chathiram is worth the 10 km ride. It’s a surreal landscape of ruined railway tracks, weatherworn boats and marshes dotted with sandpipers and curlews. The wild Indian Ocean and the calmer Bay of Bengal merge at Land’s End, the eastern extremity of the Indian peninsula. It is said that Lord Rama built his famous rama setu (Adam’s Bridge) to Lanka 30 km from this point.

TN-63N-1139 Spare of Rameswaram Depot on Route 3 Temple – Danushkodi entering Mukundarayar Chathiram.

TN-63N-1139 of Rameswaram Depot Route 3 Temple - Danushkodi.

Stopped in Mukundarayar Chathiram.


Returing to Rameswaram.

TN-63N-1139 leaving Danushkodi

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