202 UD Chennai Arani

Arani routes gets a special treatment always when AC introduced in 2008 this route got AC bus now UD., the hottest route in collection. After introducing UD buses on Chennai – Trichy, Chennai – Pondy route now these routes are getting this Ultra Deluxe 2×2 Pushback Seat buses.


Division : Villupuram
Region : Tiruvannamalai
Branch : Arani
Route : 202 UD Chennai – Arani
Via : Arcot

TN-25N-0419 of Arani Depot Route 202 UD Chennai - Arani via Arcot.

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One thought on “202 UD Chennai Arani

  1. Respected Sir,

    Today i traveled from ARNI to CHENNAI as usual in the Blow mentioned bus. When i asked for the balance he didn’t give it to me and he used some hard and bad words towards me. Here Rupees is not a problem, but he failed to respect a passenger and it hurted me a lot. Please take necessary actions to avoid these kind of rude behaviors of conductors towards passenger.
    TICKET NO and BUS NO : TN25N0093 , BRANCH : 005330
    DATE : 12/12/2016, TIME : 4:28:37 AM

    Hope to get a faster and better response from you.

    Thanks & Regards


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