DATC Dr.Ambedkar Transport Corporation

DATC Dr.Ambedkar Transport Corporation which did not came into reality., Other Transport Corporation which were functioning under various name are still functioning as TNSTC., But DATC is no more from 2001. DATC started functioning from 19 January 1994. Buses covering Broadway via Koyambedu, Ambattur, and Redhills are comes under Dr. Ambedkar Transport Corporation Ltd. It was renamed as Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Madras Division-II) Ltd., on 1 July 1997. In order to make the Corporations viable, and for better administrative control, Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Madras Division II) was amalgamated with Metropolitan Transport Corporation (Madras Division I) Ltd in 10 January 2001.

Got this DATC Photo from a Blogger and after editing in Photoshop it had been made clear to our viewers.

DATC 1994 Model.

DATC Dr. Ambedkar Transport Corporation.

DATC Dr. Ambedkar Transport Corporation.

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