SETC Boopalam

SETC Boopalam from the newly inaugurated Tirunelveli Second Depot at KTC Nagar Tirunelveli the depot got the marking as TNV-1 and followed by fleet code.


Boopalam was the first name kept by then Depot BM Mr.Kennedy sir to TTC in Tirunelveli Chennai route, then only came vasantham. some crews who remembered the name had given this again on TTC days it had wireless controller for communication. This bus will inform about other Break down buses on route to nearest depot, an innovation ahead than others. Boopalam was rockstar on TTC days it had Audio cassette player first and then TV Video coach. Thanks to Nanjil Traveller for this Pic.


Branch : TNV -1
Fleet Code : TNV-1 B762
Route : H180 Tirunelveli Chennai
Via : Madurai
Special tag : Nellai Boopalam

Timings : Tirunelveli : 18:00 Chennai : 17:30

TN-01N-9893 TNV-1 B762 of TNV -1 Depot Route H180 Tirunelveli Chennai via Madurai.

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