TNSTC Villupuram Panruti Body Building Unit

When anyone hears the town name Panruti first to strike was Jackfruit but to our beloved TNSTC fans none other TNSTC Villupuram Panruti Body Building Unit comes at once. Every TNSTC Villupuram fans wish will be once in lifetime they should visit this BBU or at least to see it from outside. Panruti BBU designs their painting patterns are outstanding followed by them from TPTC thanthai Periyar to till now either the old traditional or the red and white stripes and the last multi colours. for most of them the red and white stripes are the favourite one. In a single compound it hosts Panruti Depot, Main Body Building Unit and Tyre Retreading Unit. Some clicks of the unit after getting prior permission done by Nagaraja.M Sir who is an great fan of Villupuram Buses as he is so much fond of these buses changed his name to superfast 444 in public forums. Thanks a ton sir for sharing these pics with Team TNSTC Blog.

Entrance of Panruti Depot and BBU

Panruti BBU Entrance

Bus Design and TPTC letters on front gate.

Bus Design and TPTC letters on front gate

TN-32N-2648 of Panruti Depot on the front.

TN-32N-2648 of Panruti Depot

Panruti Depot area.

Panruti Depot

Depot Maintenance Shed and BBU.

Depot and BBU

Closer look of BBU Complex.

BBU Entrance

TML 8728 of Panruti BBU at Entrance.

TML 8728 in Panruti BBU

TML 8728

TN-31N-0020 of Tyre Retreading Unit.

TN-31N-0020 Tyre Retreading Unit

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