Brand new bus from TNSTC-Madurai in Dindigul to Pazhamputhur route.

Dindigul to Pazhamputhur route is not a well known route for us. It runs via via Oothu, Kodaikanal, Mannavanur. It is operated by Vathlakundu(Bathlakundu/Vathilai) depot of Dindigul region. Recently Vathilai depot added a brand new bus in this route. Luckily got this bus when it came to Madurai Arapalayam BS as a SPL.

TN57 N 2245 of Vathlakundu depot doing Dindigul-Palamputhur via Oothu, Kodai, Mannavanur.
TN57 N 2245

TN57 N 2245

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